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Wings - Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens/Downtown area


I recently moved to Brooklyn Heights and am looking for a good wing spot in the vicinity. I've read mixed reviews about Henry St Ale House and Bonnie's Grill (not that close but possibly worth the trip?) but would like more suggestions. Looking for something to satisfy my too-frequent craving. Thoughts?

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  1. Before you give any credence to "mixed reviews" of Bonnie's, go for yourself. They're widely acknowledged as some of the best in the city. They're always on The Lists. Unfortunately, with such high praise comes a legion of haters and contrarians. Go! Try them for yourself! Report back!

    A little closer to home for you is the Wing Bar on Smith and.... Douglass? Sackett? I can't remember. Cody's on Court and Amity has good wings. I'm pretty sure Ceol and the Waterfront have wings, though I can't vouch for them as I've never had them. I think Downtown has decent wings as well, but I'm not a fan of that place in general.

    1. I rank the Henry Street Ale Houses wings way up there. They are larger than most places and they will make them as hot or as mild as you want them. Bonnies are good in the classic Buffalo way. Cody's are good, but not classic tasting, they have a sort of "sweet" taste to them. The best wings I've had in Brooklyn are at Pippins out in Bay Ridge. Don't forget you have Buffalo Wild Wings right at the Atlantic/Pacific station.

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        Of all the wings I've had in the area, I actually like the flavor of the new Burger on Smith's wings. I thought Wing Bar was good but I only went once a few years ago and haven't been back, so I can' imagine they were great (and I LOVE a good wing).

      2. There's an Atomic Wings on Smith Street.

        1. Hey chowwza --

          I realize you probably meant Buffalo style wings, but while you're out and about you should really check out the smoked wings at the Smoke Joint in Fort Greene. They're pretty amazing.

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            I agree with you completely on Bonnie's wings. Just terrific. Not overly saucy but since they're so juicy you don't need to pour on half a cup of sauce.

            Smoke Joint? Never tried the wings there. The BBQ, on the other hand, was the worst I've ever had. Ever. Dry as a desert. Pouring on the bottled sauce didn't help. Just awful. Their hot dogs, however, are pretty good. Maybe the trick is to make a meal out of wings and hot dogs.

          2. waterfront ale house has very solid wings. they have solid everything.

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              I dont know, sam. I guess wings are personal. I
              like Waterfront Ale House, but I *really* don't like their wings. Bonnie's wings float my boat (although I could skip their blue cheese sauce). I think egit is right--you have to try them to see if they are what you want.

            2. I'm with anyone who said Bonnie's. There might (underline might) be others as good but in my opinion, none better.

                1. You're not going to see much love for Lobo (Court St. in Cobble Hill) on this board, and I agree their Tex-Mex is acceptable at best, but I really do like their wings. They come with a big bag of chips with the most amazing chipotle sauce that I dream about*. Wings, salsa, chips, chipotle sauce, I could do it every night. Try it.

                  * I think the sauce is meant for the wings, but they can't control what I do. Can't spell chipotle without chip anyway.

                  ** NB: Cash only, no delivery

                  1. It's out of the 'hood, but the new Greenwood Park Beer Hall on 7th Avenue/19th Street in Park Slope makes a VERY respectable-tasting wing...done right with Frank's Hot Sauce and butter in the recipe.

                    Tasting is the key element here, as the size of the wings and portion for the buck is way too small and would make a Buffalonian cringe. Hope that improves. The place itself is beautiful.

                    1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I tried Henry St Ale House and thought they were OK. Too dry for me. I had one that was extra saucy, and it was very good. Next time I go I'll see if they can add extra sauce.

                      I look forward to checking out the others though.

                      1. Came here to suggest you go a bit further for Bonnie's. They're pretty great, and don't skimp on the heat if you ask for it. A friend of mine is born-and-raised Buffalo, now lives in Brooklyn, and will not eat wings anywhere else in NYC, period.

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                          Bonnie's serves it's wings at 4 different heat levels - mild, medium, hot, and hotter. I've found that the medium level works best for me - it's as hot as the "hot" wings served elsewhere. A friend and I once tried the "hot" level and found that while it was really tasty the heat really got in the way of fully enjoying the dish.