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Aug 7, 2012 10:51 AM

Simply Italian

Like this new show on the BBC. Going to make the Pasta Reale recipe for lunch today. I like the Host and the background she gives on each dish (just enough not too much).

Here is the description of it of the BBC site
Simply Italian teaches viewers how to cook delicious Italian family dishes like a true aficionado.

Presenter Michela Chiappa is Welsh, but comes from a massive Italian family originally from Emilia Romagna in northern Italy.

Michela takes viewers through the basics of making dough to learning how to make authentic Italian sauces, mouth-watering filled pasta and some fantastic celebratory specials.

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  1. By the by, it''s a Channel 4 programme, not BBC. Which, in itself accounts for its repetitiveness. Channel 4 programme makers must think viewers have the attention span of gerbils, so repeat everything after every advert break.

    I've watched both the episodes so far and, even accepting the Channel 4 repetitive thing, this is very repetitive. I doubt whether many viewers really need two programmes telling you how to roll pasta out thinly. And, in truth, I find her and her sisters a bit irritating.

    That said, there is currently sod all else on the TV except for Olympics, so it was something to watch. I doubt whether I'll be buying the inevitable book.

    1. Michela Chiappa is certainly a nice girl, and beautiful too! Unfortunately her cooking is far from authentic Italian. Right from the first episode I knew we were going to be treated to yet another person on TV telling us how NOT to cook authentic Italian food. There is no doubt that she has her good points, especially her pasta making skills, however in episode 1 alone she managed to incorporate a chicken stock cube into one sauce and TWO beef stock cubes into her RagĂș (as well as 100% beef, red onions and red wine). I'm sorry but this is 'Simply NOT Italian' - Italians would never dream of using stock - cubes in a sauce. Still it makes for good TV for those who don't know any different, and certainly she is more easy on the eye than Carluccio and Co. Just very sad and disappointed that yet again something that has been marketed as 'authentic Italian' when it clearly is not - authentic Welsh-Italian maybe...

      1. I wish I could see it just to hear her Welsh accent. Love them!

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