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Aug 7, 2012 10:42 AM

A few fun dinners in Grand Cayman

Hello, my husband and I are going to be in Grand Cayman on vacation for 5 nights over Labor Day weekend, and I am looking for some dinner suggestions. Believe it or not, this will be my 9th time in the Cayman Islands, so you would think that I would have my favorites by now! But the last time that I was there was a few years ago and perhaps things have changed? I like the Wharf-- though the food isn't anything exceptional (at least not that I can remember) I love eating outside on the water and even the fish being fed can be fun. We used to love the Crow's Nest but I think a hurricane damaged that and it closed?? My husband and I don't like seafood which I know makes it tough, but we do love Italian, Mexican, American... I remember that there's a great Italian restaurant somewhere on the Island but I can't recall the name! We're not looking for anything too expensive, except for maybe one night when we will want a special dinner to celebrate our anniversary early. Any help is much appreciated!

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  1. As always, some things have changed but others remain the same Don't worry about not liking seafood, there are plenty of choices.. Given that you like Italian food, you are lucky Grand Cayman still has many excellent options
    . My favorites in order of preference are : Edoardo's, La Dulce Vita, Ragazzi/Luca (same owner for both restaurants), Casanova and Ristorante Pappagallo. La Dulce Vita recently moved to a waterfront location. Casanova and Luca also on the water.
    The Camana Bay area is a recent addition to Grand Cayman, Ortinique and Michael's are worth trying.
    Agave , is a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant with decent food. It is located at the end of the bypass highway in the same roundabout as the AL Thompson hardware store. Roland's garden is a unusual place worth going if you like German influenced food. They select the menu and you pay what you think it is worth. It is located at the site of the old butterfly farm.

    I hope I have given you some good suggestions. I also would not recommend going back to the Wharf as it has become a tourist trap.

    1. If you're looking at $$$$$$$$ for a dinner don't forget Ripert's Blue in the Ritz Carleton.

      If you're along West Bay try Tim-Buc-Tuu Diner. Tiny 8 table place where the chef slow cooks the meat, makes great curry and they do a nice job in the bakery/dessert department. Real casual place, green building just past the 4 way stop. Kinda place you can wander into without having to get gussied up.

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        Thank you so both BigGeorge and crewsweeper! Great suggestions. And Casanova! That was the Italian restaurant that we used to like but I just couldn't think of the name!

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          Just wanted to mention BigGeorge that we loved Eduardo's so much that we went back again the night before we left! Absolutely fantastic food and ambience and we had the best waiter ever! Thanks again!