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Aug 7, 2012 10:25 AM

How busy is Slow's To Go at 6:15pm on a weekday (w/ a 7pm Tigers game in town)? [DTW]

Going to the game tonight and would like a quick dinner on the way, at the counter of Slows To Go (by Wayne State), but don't want to stand in line for 30 minutes. Would I be out of luck?

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  1. Interested in the wait if you did indeed hit Slows to go.
    Great game, Valverde made it interesting.

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    1. re: Markcron

      (I had to wait until the last pitch before leaving last night...)
      Good news was that Slows had no line at 6:30, but gosh the sandwiches just didn't seem nearly as impressive as i remember the entrees being at the Slow's sit down restaurant two years ago. The sides all were over salted/sugared/cooked, too.
      PS--re Bucharest: thx for the tip on how to address angry rock eaters in line.

    2. On a related note, Bucharest Grill *after* the game is ideal for those of us smart enough to call while still slowly leaving Comerica Park. I called while we were still on the third deck concourse while filing out of Tuesday night's game, and asked how long the wait would be for two sandwiches. I was told 15 minutes, put in my order with them, and proceeded to walk out of Comerica Park and make my way to Bucharest with my buddy.

      Upon arrival, we only had to wait about two minutes for our pickup to be ready, and believe you me: there was an absolutely *incredible* amount of people there waiting to place their orders. When I walked in, this particularly surly woman in line saw that I was trying to make my way to the front of the counter, and told me "The line starts *all the way* back there!" pointing behind her into the bar. I asked, kindly, "Are you ordering or picking up?" ::pregnant pause:: "I'm ordering." (continuing to kill her with kindness) "Oh, I'm picking up."

      I'm not sure how the rest of her evening went, but I'll tell you this: my evening sure was going better at that point! ;) So yes: Bucharest Grill for takeout after the game. Booyah.

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      1. re: boagman

        I guess after your Bucharest score your new "dark-side" avatar is the Gloat Man!

        Be carfeful GG is (c). ;-))