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Aug 7, 2012 10:23 AM

Bernal Heights pop up plans to go permanent [San Francisco]

A friend and I enjoyed our dinner at the Hillside Supperclub last nite. It's been a popular Monday & Tues nite pop up at what has been the Cossolino. And the 2 guys who have created it, plan to open their resto there in October.

Here's what I really enjoyed:
- The prix fixe option was a fabulous option at $32 per person. I started with a flavorful Liberty Duck Liver Mousse, topped with a cherry gelee. For the main, Calif White Bass on a bed of orzo, cherry tomatoes, capers & olives. The fish was especially moist and fresh. Dessert: opted for the smoked chili chocolate ganache with brandied cherries. My friend selected the lemon ricotta cake with lemon thyme and blueberries + a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Both were enjoyable, tho I slightly preferred the ricotta cake.

- And it's QUIET!! With no background music + great acoustics, we enjoyed a meal where we could sit and talk and be heard. What a treat.

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  1. The permanent Hillside Supper Club restaurant is now up and running. The food is pretty much the same now served all à la carte. It's very noisy with a full house. The service was decent for the first week of full operations. The menu is almost all priced under 20 dollars except for one dish. The starters of liver mousse and celery soup were better and had more developed flavours than the pizza and lamb sugo we got as entrees.

    1. Hillside Supper Club is SUCH a welcome addition to the neighborhood!

      I was aware of it as a pop up, although I never visited it. But I followed its progress and was definitely excited to see that it was going to be a permanent restaurant.

      I've dined there twice since the place opened, and have been impressed both times. Service is really genuine, and while the menu isn't large, it offers a solid array of options. Wine list is not long, but covers all the bases and is very well-priced.

      If it's on the menu, get the celery root soup! The asian pear lends just enough sweetness...and they julienne them, which results in such a lovely experience. There you are, spooning up some luscious, earthy soup and suddenly you get a lovely ribbon or two of sweetness. It's wonderful. The best rendition of celery root soup I've ever had, that's for sure.

      Their meatballs are good, but not my cup of tea. I like a meaty, hearty, gut-buster of a ball, but theirs are more airy and lovely. My dining companions loved them, so if you don't need a big wallop of flavor and density in a meatball, these are for you. They're delicate...which isn't bad, but isn't what i personally want.

      I won't go in to all the dishes we had, but none of the dining companions I had at either meal felt anything but delighted by the food. One said that this place is a lot better than Rich Table, which they'd been to a few weeks before.

      Long story short, I'm not sure it's a destination restaurant. But if you live in Bernal or outer Mission, come check this place out! It's only one block from C. Chavez, and it's right on the 67. It's right next to darling Precita Park and is truly a solid local place doing food with a specific point of view.