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Aug 7, 2012 10:05 AM

Providence Coal Fired Pizza

Has anyone tried Providence Coal Fired Pizza. I went there for two ocassions and both times the pizza was excellent. As close to Naples as you can get. Extra thin tender crust, charred on the edges simple ingredients with excellent flavors. the place is very big inside decorated with nice wooden tables, many TV's if those want to see the olympics of ball game. A few beers on tap but a full liquor license. This is the first time in RI anyway that does an excellent pizza. The place is friendly there were two large parties of 10 each there the place was mobbed then now have valet parking if needed. You can walk up to the pizza station and the friendly chefs are wide open for questions the cooking area is impeccable. Most places cant boast that. The place has only been open for a short while and has made the food section and tv 10 news for the quality of food. The oven charred wings are a must try.

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  1. Been wanting to try this place, it looks good. I have always been disappointed in northern New England pizzas after growing up in CT so I am open to someone rocking a thin crust in a hot oven and who realizes that a brown crust means it isn't done yet.......a little char does a pie good.

    How are the prices?

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      Medium priced. This place is as close to Antica Pizzaeria da Michele in Naples. It comes out nicely chared not brown plus just walk up and talk to the pizza maker and tell him how you want it. Someone once asked about do they deliver. If they want to be constant IMO dont deliver. Each pizza no matter where you purchase it will steam in the box less than 5 min. I went with my wife, daughter, son in law we ordered the wings just 8 of them because they are pretty big. I am a tradtionalist so just cheese and pepperoni you can style your own so my daughter ordered Ricotta, herbs and goat cheese Olive oil. we even had to take 4 pieces home. All pizza.s are one size cut into 8 pieces shaped oblong.On a visit on a non water fire night it was very busy. Even though the pizzas take only a minute it depends on how many they have going. Enjoy

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        We went several months ago and found the food to be very good, but a bit expensive. We had six wings in our order ($12) that were not particularly big. We split a pizza ($18) and had no trouble finishing it.

        1. Good place. Pizza, salad and the rapini and sausage appetizers were all really nice.

          The crust, at least the night we went, was just a little bready, something I don't normally like, but the distinctive flavor and texture made up for it. It's a multigrain dough, darker than that of most pizza. That's a plus for me. Among the flours is a high gluten one, which is what gave it that hint of breadiness, I think. I'd love to try this pizza without that flour in the mix.

          To pick nits, though, I wouldn't classify this as Neapolitan, even with the 900 degree oven. The crust isn't thin enough; the multigrain blend differs from the straight 00 flour; it doesn't have that sort of soft and soggy consistency toward the middle. I never saw or heard the word Neapolitan in the restaurant or on the website. I don't really think that's what they're trying to do, which doesn't compromise the quality in any way.

          But whatever. It doesn't really matter. What matters is the food and the food here is worthwhile.

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            They dont use the word Neapolitan they use coal fired oven usually Naples style is tomato cheese and herbs wood fired when I was there I spoke to the pizza maker and their oven rad 600c converts to about 1.100f they use a Doppio Zero Flour. only in italy they classify flour as O of OO the latter is like powder and people think its the best for pizza. In the USA it can be imported but King Authur Flour makes one although it cant be classified as 00. meaning most of the bran has been removed. I have used both but cant get my oven at home past 700 degrees. Hopefully they open one in the burbs. Its one of the nicer pizza places to sit. Glad you enjoyed it.

          2. Wow - Split the wings with two personal sized / luncheon, half pizzas for lunch today (Margherita & Rocket). In a word - Outstanding, although we much preferred the Rocket vs. Margherita. Kind of pricey, but oh what quality. Some have complained about the dough being a bit thick. We much preferred the somewhat thicker dough than what's typical at Pepes or Flatbread Pizza - our previous gold standards. Sometimes, a thinner dough comes across too much as a cracker.

            Thanks for posting. We'll be back.

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              Couldnt have said it better Clams. Sometimes a multi grain dough can be a little chewy so its all up to the diner. to what texture they like. I hear Venda is having some trouble with their pizza I have not been there as of yet but thats the word.

            2. Visited when on college trip. Excellent pizza. Wonderful service. Good beer/wine/specialty drink list. Fresh ingredients. Warm and inviting atmosphere. Perfect place for teen and parent group. Highly recommended.