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Aug 7, 2012 09:33 AM

Denver Area - Great Food on a Sunday Mid-Afternoon

Next month I’ll be in the Denver area, and I’ve got Sunday afternoon open. I’ll be free by noon in Longmont, and will be dropping off my rental car at the airport (5 pm?) in time to catch a 7 pm departure. This should give me plenty of time, enough to go eat pretty much anywhere in the Denver area, including downtown Denver, Boulder, etc.

I’d like to have a substantial meal to hold me through the evening, something more than just brunch, since brunch menus typically consist of lighter fare. Money is no object, but I’m not necessarily looking for an umpteen-course meal at a fancy restaurant (especially since I’ll be fine-dining at Penrose Room and Flagstaff House on this trip). The big restriction is that most restaurants don’t stay open with full service menus all afternoon on Sundays, and that’s what I need. And, of course, I’d like food that makes me want to shout “WOW, this is DELICIOUS!” I eat a wide variety of foods; I especially enjoy contemporary American type cuisine, but would consider just about anything except sushi (don’t eat it) or pizza (I live in Chicago). Just as an example, in Chicago we have some outstanding creative “small plates” places that are open all day Sunday (Sable, Quartino, Purple Pig) and perhaps there’s something similar and equally outstanding in the Denver area. Or maybe there is some other kind of food that is amazingly delicious and worthy of a Chowhound recommendation.

I tried looking up hours for all of the 25 best places according to 5280 magazine ( ) and NONE of them are open all day Sundays. Perhaps my chances are better with places that are a bit on the casual side...? Regardless, I'm hoping my fellow Chowhounds can provide some helpful suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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  1. P.S.

    >> I tried looking up hours for all of the 25 best places according to 5280 magazine ( ) and NONE of them are open all day Sundays.

    I also just looked in their similar article the previous year ( ) and found two places that are open all day on Sundays: Salt in Boulder, and The Kitchen Denver*. Are these worthwhile? Any other recommendations?

    *Note - The Boulder location of The Kitchen is not open all day on Sundays, but the one in Denver is.

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      I have never been to the Kitchen Denver, but assuming that it is similar quality to Boulder (and I'm sure it is), yes, it would be worthwhile. Salt is very good too, but I have had better consistency with the Kitchen (in Boulder).

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        I like the food at the Kitchen Denver. I think that is a pretty good call. You could also check out Stuebens it is a little more like a diner, but the food is very good. You could also consider Lou's Food bar or Osteria Marco. All three places have great cocktails too.
        The Kitchen, Osteria Marco, and Euclid Hall are all within walking distance so you could check em all out...

      2. You might take a look at Euclid Hall. I've had some great food there and they apparently open at 2 on Sundays.

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        1. The Bull and Bush has hearty comfort food all day Sunday, good brunch items, handcrafted brews, and a Dixieland band that you won't quite get to enjoy starts at 6:00. Busy all day Sunday.

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            Bull and Bush kitchen is closed for renovations per Westword.

          2. Osteria Marco (while there pizza is good, very easy to go there without eating that) is open all day on Sunday.
            Lola is open all day Sunday. Their brunch menu is pretty substantial and their happy hour menu starts around 2:30.
            Lou's food bar is also open.
            Panzano's bar is open all day, which has a great sampling of their menu. Hope this help!

            1. I'm not sure a menu of "street food" meets your criteria but since it was so amazingly good, I'll go ahead and suggest Pinche Taqueria on York Street, which is open all day Sunday. While they post "brunch hours," I'm pretty sure the full menu, which is limited to tacos and a few other small plates, is available. The place is wildly popular and deservedly so: the tacos are phenomenal. I could easily make a substantial meal of them. (The standouts were the lengua, rajas con crema y maiz, pork belly "agridulce," polla alla crema.) We also had the guacamole (very good, too) and the highly-touted margarita and another specialty cocktail, but, really it was the tacos I'll crave until I can get there again. Of six meals in Denver and Boulder--all quite good--this was my favorite. I only wish I'd had time for a return visit. I go to Chicago pretty often and know you have fantastic Mexican food there, but if you're up for making a meal of tacos with wonderful combinations of high quality ingredients, you should try this place. The only caveat is that the place fills up fast: we gave up two nights in a row as there were so many people waiting to get in and then just made sure we were there right when they opened for lunch on our last day.