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Aug 7, 2012 09:13 AM

Tujague's bartender

I stopped by Tujague's for a Sazerac on one of my regular trips to New Orleans and noticed that one of my favorite bartenders doesn't work there anymore. Still had a good Sazerac and enjoyed myself though. Anybody know where Paul Gustings works now?

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  1. Not many who go here Know that The GRASSHOPPER COCKTAIL was invented here. Yes it was. The place doesn't even promote this fact. I love this place, The Bar and The Restaurant. I was in there one day, ordered a Grasshopper, people started asking me about the drink, I told them it was invented here, they were all surprised at this fact, everybody started drinking them and before you know it, half the people at The Long Bar were drinking Grasshoppers.
    It was quite a Fun Time, Lundi Gra 2007 ...

    1. Yep. Paul's working his magic at Serendipity.