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Aug 7, 2012 09:03 AM

30th Birthday Party Spots!

Hi again.

I also wanted to know if anyone could suggest a cool/trendy bar, sports bar, or restaurant that could host a 30th birthday party for around 40 people on a Saturday night (November). My fiance is turning 30 and I would love to throw him a great party!

I was thinking an open bar for his friends, appetizers, and getting a cake. Nothing too crazy, but I would love a great fun atmosphere!

We live near anywhere around North Jersey or in that area. I wanted to try to stay away from Hoboken...parking can be a problem.

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  1. I saw (through Facebook lurking) that somebody I used to know had a birthday party at the Meadowlands racetrack. Looking at the page below, it seems they would happy to accomodate you.

    1. Don't know if Spuntino in Clifton is doing private parties or not, but it might work if they are...

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      1. re: Curlz

        I liked this place a lot...but I am not sure if my guy's friends will enjoy it. They are more into football and beer!

      2. Some suggestions.

        Calandra's in Caldwell.

        Egan and Sons Montclair or West Orange

        O'Niels , Verona

        Cloverleaf, Caldwell

        Cleveland Tap Room, W. Caldwell

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        1. Thanks for all the suggestions...I was trying to stay away from the "neighborhood" bars because we go to most of these places on the regular. I want to do something maybe a bit more upscale then a traditional bar. Any other places?

          1. consider Taos in East Rutherford. valet parking, private party room, and great apps. you can get beer and wine plus food for about 35 a person

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              Check out Encore Lounge in Wayne

              Both Tao's in East Rutherford or Egans are nice options too.