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Aug 7, 2012 09:00 AM

Rehearsal Dinner Spots...50-60 People..Passaic/Bergen/Essex County

Hi everyone! I am new to the CHOW boards.

I am getting married next July at Seasons in Washington Township. However, our church is in Pompton Lakes. We are looking for a rehearsal dinner spot anywhere in the area for a Friday night for 50-60 people. We would like to do beer/wine or open bar. We also need a private room because there will be some interesting skits and various speeches going on (our family is nuts).

Please let me know any of your suggestions. We are open to all price ranges...really just want to check out some different places and see what works for us!

Thanks. :)

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  1. Rose Mediterranean, is good and also has a nice outside patio/garden.

    Il Tulipano , Cedar Grove on Rt.23 (Pompton Ave) is nice and has rooms.

    The Villa , Mountain Lakes

    Adega in Newark is a fun place good food and has private rooms.

    Francesco's in West Paterson

    Trying to think of some more.

    1. Park Ridge might be a little far for you but if not we just hosted a rehersal dinner for 40 at the Park Steakhouse. It was fabulous. The management was great to work with. They answered my many questions, offered good suggestions, and kept in touch with us throughout the planning. We made all the arrangements long distance since we live in the mid west. The food was excellent. Our guests raved about everything. Our entrees were a filet, sea bass and veal and all were cooked to perfection. The servers, bartenders and even the parking valet were all courteous and attentive. We would go back in a heartbeat if not for the fact that we live 1000 miles away.

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        Check out Portabello's in Oakland. It is close bye and has great food. They should be perfect for what you are looking for.

        There is also Paris Inn in Wayne