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Aug 7, 2012 08:31 AM

good ethnic food near beltway 8 on north west side of town - north of I-10 / west of I-45?

any suggestions?

I'm looking for a place to meet an out-of-town guest and don't usually get up to this area. Any kind of ethnic.

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  1. (we both have cars - would like to stay fairly close to beltway 8 as we're both driving a ways already - coming from opposite directions.)

    1. What do you mean by ethnic? There are quite a lot of restaurants off 249 near1960 in the vicinity of Willowbrook Mall, mostly chains but lots of Tex-Mex and Chinese.

      1. Here's a Katharine Shilcutt blog about the Long Point corridor. It's got Mexican, Tex Mex, lots of Korean, and Thai.

        I've only been to Tacos de Julio, Otillia's and Campero. Julio has really good beans and tacos, love the chile relleno at Otillia's, although supposedly up for sale. Campero closed and will not be missed. Vieng Thai is supposed to be really good.

        1. Here's a listing from b-4 of restaurants in the 77040, 77064, 77066, 77086 zip codes which are clustered around the NW corner of the BW, about half way between 10 and 45.

          As you can see this is all types of restaurants; you could scroll down to pick out the ethnic ones or within that area, you could also search by ethnicity to narrow it down, but you have to do that by individual types of cuisines. That's not my part of town and none of those is ringing a bell as a place I've even heard of. but it will give you a start.

          Lambowner is right: there would be more to choose from around 1960 and 249, not that much farther out. You can add zip codes 77065 and 77069 to the search to pull them up.

          The Long Point corridor, while loaded with good places to eat, is no where near the area you're asking about.

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          1. re: brucesw

            I don't know brucesw. It seems to fit the criteria to me, near the Beltway, north of I10, and west of I45. I never saw 249 mentioned, and Long Point is very close to the Beltway, which seemed to be the primary requirement.

            1. re: James Cristinian

              You're right James. I even go up the Beltway when I head up to Long Point, although I don't think of it as being near the Beltway since there's no exit for Long Point.

              I don't know what I was thinking; must've been the meds.

          2. Thank you for all the good recs. We chose Vieng Thai and were not disappointed!