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Aug 7, 2012 08:15 AM

Fusion - Indian in Petworth

First visit for dinner last weekend. This is a lovely place with friendly staff and terrific food. Chicken Korma and a fish curry - big flavor in both, and appropriate heat in the curry. Would be glad to return. Note: we were the only customers when we arrived at approx 7:45 on a Saturday evening. two or three additional parties by the time we left. Not a "hood where they will get any foot traffic, so spread the word. 4815 Georgia Ave NW, DC

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  1. My husband and I live nearby and have been going since the place opened about 3 years ago. There is absolutely nothing like it in that area, so we support it, but I agree--there are so few customers that I wonder sadly how much longer they can stay afloat. I believe the chef/owner worked at Rasika for awhile. He and his wife are lovely people and live right around the corner from the restaurant. We have always liked the food very much. Also, the owner and his wife just bought The Hitching Post on Upshur.