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Aug 7, 2012 08:13 AM

GREAT dinner Freeport ME

Looking for recs for wonderful food (view is nice but not required) near or in Freeport and also a decent lunch spot Main Street Freeport, north of LL Beans? Thanks Hounds!

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  1. For closest good food with a water (bay) view I recommend Falmouth Sea Grill, Rte 1A in Falmouth.

    For *wonderful* food near depends on what you're looking for. Clementine's in Brunswick is good "New American Bistro" style.

    Trattoria Athena is excellent Greek/Mediteranean Style (also in Brunswick).

    And my favorite for funky/casual but upscale...El Camino, excellent Cal/Mex emphasizing local produce. (Brunswick).

    In Freeport proper there is Broad Arrow Tavern (inside Harasseekett Inn) for lunch or dinner featuring everything from burgers/pizza to lobster/seafood and grilled meats.

    Other "decent" lunch spots north of Bean's include Jameson Tavern, The Corsican (mostly soup/salad/sand), Azure Cafe (Italian), and Mediteranean Grill.

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      The only decent restaurant in Freeport is the Broad Arrow Tavern. All the rest are subpar. In Brunswick its Clementine's. We do not care for the Falmouth Sea Grill and have been there a few times since their beautiful remodel, the food is just ok, but the view is exceptional.

      1. re: irwin

        we were so impressed by the room and food at Tao in brunswick.

      2. re: HDinCentralME

        I find Falmouth Sea Grill only ordinary, but completely agree on Trattoria Athena (spectacular!) and El Camino. Broad Arrow is OK, I think, but not very interesting. Jameson is the pits, IMHO.

        1. re: mainemal

          Jameson is the first and only restaurant where I was ever served MOLDY rolls in a bread basket. This was easily twenty years ago and it still makes me queasy to consider.

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          I went to the Corsican for the first time about 25 years ago and was introduced to hummus. It was spread on top of one of their pizza and out of this world. SO and I went back often for many years til they took it off the menu. Fortunately, at one point they were selling a dozen of their recipes for something like $5. I only wanted the hummus recipe but had to buy them all. It was the best $5 I ever spent. We still like their hummus best and I make it at least once a month. Haven't been there in 10 years now.

          1. re: cook262

            Cook262 - would you be willing to share the hummus recipe? I make hummus regularly (I am rarely without some in the 'fridge) and I do like play around with the ingredients a bit, so any recommended departure from my basic recipe would be fun to try.


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            The view from Falmouth Sea Grill is great but the food not so much. The food is about the same level as Becky's Diner but the price is well above. Drive a few more miles to Street & Co.

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              There are plenty of good eats in Freeport. Azure Cafe is delicious! We've had events there on several occasions, and our guests from all over (I'm from NY) adored it! Broad Arrow is great, too. I love the buffet, and I'm not usually a buffet person. Jameson is blah, Gritty's is mediocre, although that is a fun place to go. China Rose and Thai Garden are both quite good. 1912 Cafe and Fresh Batch are fine for lunch, and they cater to vegetarian and gluten-free diets. AlsoLi's Chinese street cart, with fresh, simple Chinese food. Mediterranean Cafe is overpriced and mediocre.

            2. If I had to pick 2 it would be Azure Cafe and Harraseeket Lunch & Lobster (in S. Freeport).


              1. I'm interested primarily in interesting/creative, fresh, preferably locally sourced ingredients. Style of cuisine is less important. Thanks all for the great recommendations... :) I'll report in on the lunch and dinner after wkend of 17-19th !

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                  Azure Cafe fits the bill for outside seating north of LLBean (practically next door). It's pretty good chow for Freeport. Harraseeket L&L fits the bill for "Scenic Maine Coast"...also close to Freeport.

                  The Brunswick recs are good...but not exactly next door (just about 10 miles away).

                  1. re: veggiequeen

                    I've never had "great food" and "Freeport" occur in the same thought. I pretty much agree with everyone else's thoughts on the subject regarding food/views including the Freeport recs. I probably agree with Trattoria Athena as a best hidden gem with everything locally sourced though maybe a bit further than you were looking for. I've had a couple of very good meals at Seagrass Bistro in yarmouth where everything is also locally sourced. No view. In fact, pretty pathetic from the outside but a very nice room inside. Sometimes an item on the menu doesn't work so well - the menu changes every three weeks - but it stays fresh and interesting.

                  2. Weekend trip to Freeport is off for this weekend.. I was looking forward to trying some the rec's provided... perhaps another trip will be in the offing. Thanks so much Hounds!