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Aug 7, 2012 07:39 AM

Looking for Restaurant Recommendations for Florence in August


I will spending 2 nights in Florence at the end of August. I am looking for some good spots to eat (need not be fancy, just tasty). I have requested reservations at a couple of Chowhound recommendations, but they are all closed through the month.
Can anyone recommend anything that stays open through the holiday?

Thanks so much

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  1. I don't know if these are open during your stay, but if I were eating solo in Florence, I'd hit a casual, friendly enoteca or two. Most likely Cafe Coquinarius just off the Piazza del Duoma and Le Volpe e l'Uva across the river.

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    1. re: Ricardo Malocchio

      Running into the same problem except I'm there four nights on my honeymoon. Every place i have tried is closed. Any recommendations would be appreciated!

      1. re: aerochrome2

        Its not the best time to go to Florence, for sure, restaurant wise, but you will find there are quite a number of restaurants open.. If you are looking to make micro-selections among the most well-favored restaurants, you may not be able to satisfy this. If you have 4 days, tho there is time to walk around, see whats open and reserve for that evening or the next... At lunch time, its good to arrive early or you may have a problem at this time of year with finding a seat.

        Even tho a whole lot of places are closed for the month (including my faves, Mario and Del Fagioli), the last half of the month or the week after ferragosto (Aug 15) here are some suggestions lazily pulled off viamichelin that look like they are open (these things are subject to change). and hopefully someone with insider Florence info will pipe up

        Il Latini
        Buca Mario
        Della Vecchia Bettola (open last week of Aug)
        Ora D'Aria (open Aug 23 on)
        Il Santo Bevitore (closed Aug 11-21)
        Il Palagio (michelin starred, totally new to me)
        Pane e Vino

        Will be interested to hear reports.

        1. re: jen kalb

          Thanks! We will be there from the 17-21, which seems like the absolute worst time for restaurants (even those above)!

          I know I may not be in the best position to be picky, but the ideal place would be moderately priced (not much more than 100 euros total for two), more local than touristy, and representative of Florence's local style.

          I tried to search tripadvisor reviews for reviews made in August (just to see what may be open) and then cross-reference them here. Here is a preliminary list. Any absolute musts go's or not go's? I'm thinking of reserving the four at the top... but am hoping for extra guidance!

          Antica Trattoria "da Tito" dal 1913
          Cipolla Rosa
          La Cucina del Garga

          Osteria dei Baroncelli
          Borgo Antico
          Quattro Leoni
          Trattoria Marione
          Trattoria San Lorenzo

          1. re: aerochrome2

            Sorry to bump, but I just went through a copy of the just arrived in the mail "food lovers guide to Florence" and have a few more possibilities that I would welcome comment on (all should be open in August, as of printing that is):

            I am thinking of booking these four:
            Il Santo Bevitore
            All' Antico Ristoro Di Cambi
            Osteria Antica Mescita di San Niccolo
            Cipolla Rosa

            Other possibilities from the book:
            Osteria del Caffe Italiana
            La Pentola Dell'Oro
            Le Barrique

            1. re: aerochrome2

              The first four you name:
              Il Santo Bevitore
              All Antico Ristoro di Cambi
              Osteria Antica Mescita di San Nicccolo
              Cipolla Rosa
              These are all fantastic and among my favorites in Florence.

              The other possiblities:
              Osteria del Caffe Italiana: I keep wanting to like this, since the service is excellent and the space is so charming. But...the food is just so average. That said, I've never had the bistecca there, which always looks very good. But I'm never impressed by their pastas.

              I love Pentola dell'Oro. It's a very simple place. The last time I went I had their version of pappa al pomodoro, which was actually made with more green veggies than tomatoes, and was delicious.

              You may also find some of the places in the main market open for lunch, like Nerbone and Pork's.


              1. re: minchilli

                Thanks for the reply! I'll report back in a couple of weeks.

                (for those who don't know minchilli actually has an app -- Eat Florence-- that I used to narrow down my insane list of choices in that second post, but its nice to see I made good picks!)

                1. re: minchilli

                  Which restaurants have impressed you based off their pastas?

                2. re: aerochrome2

                  Thanks for some of these suggestions. I'll also be in Florence from August 18-23 and some of these look intriguing.

                  1. re: rapsrealm

                    Fyi il santo bevitore and di cambo are closed until the 20th.