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Aug 7, 2012 07:16 AM

What are your favorite travel food blogs?

For the US? and Globally? I came across these off a quick google search:

Istanbul Eats
Trail of Crumbs
The Mija Chronicles
New World Review
Paris by Mouth

Personally I am becoming more and more a fan of Street Gourmet LA as I live in LA and have experienced, separately but similar culinary discoveries in Baja and my vacations of the last few years have constantly taken me to Mexico, despite cartel wars, swine flu and anything else the Gods seem to throw at us after we bought plane tickets.

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    1. A bit of a stretch for a food blog I admit, although you'll eat well if you use the site as designed. But I have been using as both a renter & host for over a year and the people who I've met thru it have been outstanding. It's a fabulous travel site and if for no other reason than to learn how other people live, eat and play--very educational. You'll drool over the accommodations, trust me!