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Saturday Breakfast/Brunch?

Looking for a fantastic breakfast/brunch option somewhere between Hopkins & Bloomington. From scanning the boards, so far my short list includes:

Cafe Maude
Maria's Cafe

We are coming in from Chicago, so if you could only choose one, which would it be? My husband likes huevos rancheros. I like Eggs Benedict or a classic breakfast...but also like to try new things. I love Maria's corn cakes, since I've had them before, leaning toward trying a new place.

Also, open to other suggestions. We are meeting a friend. None of us have lived in Twin Cities for years, so pretty clueless about what's good to try.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Maria's is not really in the geography you specified.

    1. One of my favorites at Blackbird is the chorizo/cheddar frittata. They list some nice ingredients from which you can choose to put into a frittata. They do a beautiful job. Plus I love their tea presentation.

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        I'll second Blackbird. Really nice brunch food. I haven't been in forever, but Victor's 1959 is really good too.

      2. If you don't mind a trip into Uptown (LynLake specifically), the Bryant Lake Bowl has what I consider a solid breakfast lineup. Good bloodies to boot!


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          Seconded on the bloody marys. Very good.

        2. Haven't been to Maude.
          Love Blackbird.
          Skip Maria's - something not good has happened to this favorite

          You could try:

          Wise Acre Eatery

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            I'm curious - have you been to Maria's since this post sandy? http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/3587...

            I understand that you had a bad experience but it doesn't match what I see when I go there.

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              I agree bob. Been going there for years and it hasn't changed a bit in my experience.

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                No, bob, I haven't. Too many other great places to try or go back to!

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                  I totally understand that. I was just wondering if you'd had further bad experiences that reinforced the one that you'd had since you had specifically called it out again.

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                  I concur. I've never had anything other than excellent food and service at Maria's.

              2. The Grand Cafe has a lovely brunch. Pulled pork shoulder and black bean huevos ranchero as well as 2 styles of eggs Benedict . Down the street is Victor's Cuban cafe and they have a wonderful variety of pancakes. Both are highly recommended.

                1. I've had a good brunch experience at Cafe Maude. It's a small place and is sometimes closed for private parties, so make a reservation. The menu is small and doesn't feature typical breakfast "classics," but it's quite tasty.

                  1. I love Blackbird. They have a great brunch menu with a good selection of choices which would be perfect for you and your husband. Plus they have sandwiches in case you aren't in the mood for "breakfast," which I really appreciate.
                    I like Grand Cafe also (the atmosphere is great); but they have a smaller menu and smaller portions, depending on what you order.
                    If you're over in that neighborhood you should stop at Patisserie 46 for some treats.

                    1. Thanks for everyone's response. I think we're going to try Blackbird! I'm very excited.

                      1. Also, Pizza Luce has an underrated brunch. It's only at a couple of them, but can be worth the trip.

                        1. To report back:

                          We had a successful brunch at Blackbird. I ordered the Oxtail Hash. I thought this dish was delicious, but wished there was a bit more oxtail. It was pretty heavy on the root veg. My husband ordered Classic Eggs, which was good...but nothing special to report. My friend ordered French Toast which was also delicious. Coffee was good. The service was stellar. We were there for over 3 hours and did not feel rushed. The server was attentive.