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Aug 7, 2012 06:28 AM

Private Room - Excellent Food

I need a place for a shower. It will be about 50 People. I would like a private room or area. Good Food is a must. Any where from clifton to Metuchen near the parkway.

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  1. As is often my reply when the Edison/Metuchen area is in questions....Lu Cas on Rt. 27 in Edison has an excellent reputation. BYOB but has a great private room for that amount of people. It is also directly on the road which the exit ramp to the Parkway let's you off on so it's a straight 1-2 mile drive from Parkway exit to their door. Good Luck.

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      Lu Cas is the way to go. Reasonable, great food and right off the GSP. Good call Jrvedi