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Aug 7, 2012 05:39 AM

Moulton's Seafood

Watch TV Diner in the next few weeks for the Moulton's Seafood review. They shot the interior shots this past week and Billy Costa will be back to sit and eat and review the food in a week or two.

Moulton's Seafood
178 Winthrop St
Medford, MA 02155

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  1. I had dinner at Moulton's last night. The food was good and well executed. The haddock chowder was tasty but not too salty, the pasta with frutti di mare with white sauce was well cooked and with lots of clams, scallops and mussels. The clams were well cleaned with no sand residue (which to me is a MUST). Service was fast and attentive.

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    1. re: Pappabuona

      I really love their seafood. Hubby and I never have any issues with freshness or how everything is cooked. I usually don't get the chowder so I am not sure about saltiness, my husband seems to love it. I will have to sample some of his our next visit.

      If you go on a Fri/Sat night it can take a little bit of time to get your meals but that is only because the kitchen is tiny and everything is prepared fresh, no pre-breaded fish/clams, no pre heated and rewarmed anything so it can take some time on busy nights but we feel it is well worth the wait.

      1. re: MeffaBabe

        When I say "not too salty" to me is a plus! :)

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          I always enjoy Moulton's. The fish could not be any fresher and is cooked well, although the cooking wouldn't win any awards for creativity. The prices are very reasonable and the portions generous. The only complaint I have are the vegetables -- very bland.

          1. re: pemma

            Yeah I agree on the vegetables!

      2. Their fish is fresh and excellent. The one weak part of the menu is their Italian style entree's, the maranara sauce tastes like it just came straight out of the can, pretty bland. Their veggies are frozen and also in need of a serious seasoning.

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          I agree with the marinara, I only eat their shrimp or chicken scampi when I feel like pasta. Try a BLT cheeseburger some night, great.