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Aug 7, 2012 04:59 AM

Any good noodles near Pine Street?

Husband and I are going to Philly on Saturday to do a little antiquing. Sounds like Pine Street is where most of the antique stores are located and we're hoping to find a good noodle place nearby. We went to Xi'an in NYC a few weekends ago - anything like that in Philly? We'll have a car so driving isn't a big deal, but I'd like to stick to the immediate Philly area rather than venturing to the outlying suburbs.

If noodles are a no-go, any other suggestions? Not looking for anything upscale or fancy. Actually...I don't think we've ever been to any of the South Philly Italian places. That would definitely be a good alternative.


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  1. You are pretty close to Chinatown so there are a lot of options there, about 7-10 block walk depending on where on Pine you are coming from. I don't think you will find a menu like Xi'ans but there are some good noodle places -- Nan Zhou for hand drawn noodles, Sang Kee for noodle soups, and Ting Wong for many noodle dishes. Adjacent to Chinatown is Reading Terminal Market which is a great place to visit in general for food-gawking and has a small outpost of Sang Kee where you can get noodle soups. Either way, you are probably better off parking once and walking.

    If you like Vietnamese food there are some pho and bun bo hue places on Washington Ave, as well as Vietnamese restaurants with a broader menu, about the same distance as Chinatown but the other direction. Parking is easy down there so you might want to drive. Chinatown has some pho places and Vietnamese restaurants too but the ones on Washington are much better IMO.

    Did you already find the places on Pine you want to visit? "Antiques Row" is not what is used to be so if you are expecting to just pop in and out of a bunch of antique stores you might be disappointed, or at least check hours first.

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      Thanks for the info and quick response! I didn't realize how close Pine Street is to Chinatown - I'll definitely make a note of your suggestions so we can check them out.

      We don't really have an "agenda" for our shopping...actually, my husband is looking for a very specific item (Curta calculator), but it's unlikely we'll find it. If you have any suggestions for better places to shop with nearby good eats (to keep the topic Chow-appropriate), I'm open to anything!

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        Dan Dan Noodles at Han Dynasty down by Penn's Landing. A decent walk from Pine Street but not overly long

    2. Are you thinking of lunch or dinner?
      Many places are closed for Saturday lunch.

      I don't think of Chinatown as close to Pine Street - too long a walk for me. But I am older.
      Kanella, at 10th and Spruce, is very popular. You can check the menu online.
      Amis, at 13th and Waverly, has excellent food. It's Vetri's casual place.

      If you drive, you can get to South Philly in a short time and there are terrific places for dinner. Some of our favorites: Le Virtu, Tre Scalini, Paradiso. For Saturday night dinner, it would be wise to make a reservation.

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      1. re: sylviag

        We were thinking lunch...didn't consider that many places would be closed. Thanks for the warning! And thanks for the additional suggestions!

        1. re: punkin712

          Everything in Chinatown will be open for lunch.

      2. No Xian or Northwest Chinese style places in Philadelphia. Nan Zhou is good good for fresh hand-pulled noodles.

        1. One more highly recommended Chinatown noodle dish: the hand-made noodles at Dim Sum Garden, particularly the beef brisket noodles dry style (meaning as a gravy rather than in soup). Thick, beefy, fatty and rich with Chinese five-spice, these rock my world especially hard when the noodles are on point (sometimes they're firm and chewy--to my liking--and sometime a bit too soft). I would in fact liken this dish to the stewed meat noodle dishes at Xi'An.

          Note that there is exactly zero ambiance at this place, and little in the way of service. If you do go, also consider ordering the cucumbers, any of the boiled dumplings, any of the soup dumplings, and any of the steamed buns. Good times.

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          1. re: nwinkler

            "...Note that there is exactly zero ambiance at this place..."

            Sounds like our kind of place :) Any chance they have vegetarian options? I couldn't find a menu online.

            1. re: punkin712

     here is a menu for the place. The place is located under an underpass where the "chinese" bus picks people up to go to NY or DC. So the statement about no atmosphere is very true. Food is worthwhile.

              In addition, you might consider Sakura Mandarin if you are looking for good soup dumplings.

          2. I live in this neighborhood. There's like 2 antique stores left. Anyway, in the immediate neighborhood I would suggest Amis (not open for lunch though). You're not that far from south philly or chinatown. Chinatown's like a 15 minute walk north, south philly's 15 minutes in the other direction. I like Dante & Luigi's for old-school Italian done well. Han Dynasty and Dim Sum Garden are excellent suggestions, probably my two favorite Chinese restaurants in the city. For Vietnamese head down to Washington Ave, you can't really miss with any of those places.