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Aug 7, 2012 03:10 AM

Recipes for Tangy, Tart, Sour Food with Much Zing, please . . .?


As evident from the title, I love tangy, even sour, flavors. After large meals, I peel a lime, halve it, salt it, put the halves together again, chew, and swallow. Very meditative. I snack on tamarind (not the sweet kind, of course) as often as I can. The vinegar/citrus to oil ration in my vinaigrettes is way off, nearly half and half. And I add mustard. And I love tangy pickles. I actually prefer plums under-ripe.

If you know of any recipes, or just ingredients, fresh or processed (e.g. a premade sauce), that you think fits the sort of flavor profile I'm after, please share, and I'd be grateful.


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  1. Sour Cherries, either sugared or in pie

    1. Piccata = white wine, lemon, capers, parsley, butter.

      Also, the caper & lemon vinaigrette April Bloomfield makes

      1. Only thing that comes to mind are lemon bars, retro lemon chicken, or lemon meringue pie. I bet you would also like your adjustment for hot and sour soup. lol!

        I must admit, you are the first person I met that likes lemons/sour more than my mom. She could eat a bowl full of lemon wedges if you let her.

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          If your mother is so fond of lemons, you should present her some underripe grapes (the stuff they make verjus from). They're divine with salt. Also, salt and lemon sprinkled and drizzled over cucumbers or sour apples. Stuck in the library dreaming of these

        2. A lot of Southeast Asian cuisines are promiscuously sour. Filipino adobo, meat braised with vinegar, garlic, pepper and bay leaves, is a good example. Green papaya salad is also another recipe worth trying.

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            That adobo sounds great, thanks. Never tried it before but will make tonight.

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              Use apple cider vinegar if you like it sour, but bring out its complexity with a little sugar and soy sauce. More tips here:

          2. ceviche, tom yum soup, sinigang (a filipino sour soup), green mango salad come to mind.

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              I was going to suggest green mango salad, too. Evidently when I was a baby, I'd eat green mangoes dipped in vinegar and sprinkled with salt until the acid would turn my lips white. Completely freaked out my parents. ;-)