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Aug 7, 2012 01:16 AM

Iron chef challenger from northern ca

I remember a year or so ago I saw an innovative chef from outside San Fran on the show. I can't recall the chef or the restaurant but I'd like to find out before I head out there later this month. Does anyone have a guess? Thanks!

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  1. that network has listings for all the iron chef amerika programs on its web site. but if you don't know more than 'outside San Fran'[Napa? Los Gatos? San Jose?] it could be tough to figure out -- the chefs from SF itself are fairly identifiable. there were also competition shows between chefs to become one of the resident iron chefs, and a few SF chefs definitely entered but didn't get chosen.

    1. David Kinch from Manresa. Where is this Amerika place you are referring to?

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          Yes that is it. Unfortunately there is no availability on the 3 days I have free in town. Sigh. Next time I guess I will need to plan farther ahead.

          1. re: armonkfoodie

            If you are looking at OpenTable, give the restaurant a call. I'm pretty sure they don't put everything up there.

            1. re: armonkfoodie

              Yeah, give them a call. If they're fully booked, you might consider Commis in Oakland, the chef there worked at Manresa for a few years, eventually becoming chef de cuisine before he opened his own place.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                They really are fully booked. I will look at commis thanks

                1. re: armonkfoodie

                  There was a cancellation! Is it worth the trip from San Fran?

                    1. re: armonkfoodie

                      It's a bit over an hour from San Francisco, but I'd say it is worth the trip, unless you have easier access to a wide variety of 2-star Michelin places, e.g., Paris, Tokyo, or NYC. And even then, you might want to see how a Northern California star kitchen differs from one in another part of the world.

                      If you have time, and to make it even more worthwhile, head south a few hours earlier, enjoy a detour through the Half Moon Bay area, if you feel like ocean scenery, or graze your way down the Peninsula.