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Aug 7, 2012 12:54 AM

Strawberry Butter

Hi I just moved to he bay area near mountain view and was wondering if anyone know where I can get American Spoon Foods Strawberry Butter from around here or in the City. I tried to hit my local Whole Food but they don't carry it. Was hoping someone could help me out. Thanks.

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  1. Ask them.
    Contact Us at 888-735-6700 or Email Us at

    1. I called Draeger's Menlo Park - no strawberry butter. Then I called Bi-Rite in SF - no strawberry butter, but they carry their Lemon Curd & Brandied Balaton Cherries.

      1. A response from them when I emailed:

        Thank you for your interest in our strawberry butter. Most stores that carry our products do not carry a full line, you could make a special request directly to the stores in your area.

        Additional stores that carry our products where you might inquire are; Heath Ceramics in Sausalito (415-332-3732), White Oaks Orchids in Redwood City (415-584-8767 and Pasta Shop in Oakland (510-250-6023).

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          seems to be an unusual selection of stores that sell their products.

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            Did they suggest just ordering directly from them at

            Or more precisely