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Aug 7, 2012 12:42 AM

Dining in the Champagne region


My wife and I are going on a trip to France next year and we will be returning to the Champagne region ( and Paris etc of course!).

We dined at the brasserie at Les Crayeres last time and it was very good - that was about 2 years ago now.

I am aware that ownership and the chef of Les Crayeres has changed and it is now only a 2 Michelin star rating rather than the 3 stars it held previously at Les Parcs, the actual restaurant.

Has anyone been with the new owner and how good is it? The prices from their website seem to be more 3 star prices though the website is flash based and just terrible to navigate (I'm vision impaired so flash is another long story and a real pain).

Apart from comments on Les Crayeres I would love to hear about more quality restaurants in the Champagne region. We will be staying most of the time in Versey but will have a car and we absolutely love our champagne. An indication of the prices at a restaurant you recommend would also be very helpful.



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  1. AFAIK, Les Crayeres has not had 3 Michelin stars since Boyer left. When we dined there in 2007, everything about our dining experience was superlative, but the restaurant only had 2 stars.

    If you've not dined at Assiette Champenoise, you really owe yourself a lunch or dinner there. They too have 2 Michelin stars. The food is modern but not weird, and the room is warm and inviting. The whole venue, in fact, is a wonderful place to stay as well as to dine.

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      I'll second ChefJune on Assiette Champenoise. Quality as well as quantity, and of course a brilliant selection of champagnes as well as the region's lesser known beverages (coteaux champenois, ratafia, marc de champagne). I recall they offered five champagnes in different styles by the glass.

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        Thanks for the recommendation. I'm just looking at their website now and they have some good set menu options.


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          The last time we had lunch there a few years ago it was 55 euros and quite a bargain. I have not been to Les Crayeres, but my feeling about Assiette Champenoise is that it is underrated, and really deserves a third star.