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Aug 7, 2012 12:29 AM

Does anyone know where to buy chunky "Canned Beef"?

All right, I know some of you grew up eating spam, and get an occasional urge to eat spam even though it's not the healthiest thing. Well, when I grew up, my family picked up alot of government canned goods as part of one of those Nutrition Assistance programs for low income families. They're packaged and labeled USDA created foods. Basic stuff like corn, juices or meats.

One thing from those that I loved the most was the canned beef, I've searched all the local San Francisco Bay Area markets and the closest thing I can find are tiny cans of shredded "corned beef" which is not nearly the same. So I was wondering if anyone else grew up on those government canned beef and know of a commercial version that's similar? And perhaps where to buy it?

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  1. I've seen canned beef in farm markets that sell Amish canned goods. That was in the Midwest, though. Don't know if that's an option for you.

    1. Costco has been known to sell canned beef under the "Kirkland" brand that is similar in size and texture of canned chicken. I've actually tried it and it's not bad.

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        I buy the Kirkland canned beef all the time, great stuff, you can make a hundred things out of it.

      2. It's another one of those former staples that have been crowded off the supermarket shelves in much of the country. Here in SoCal I've seen it only in big Asian markets - I guess lots of Pacific-Rim people still form a firm constituency for this stuff. Most of it is from Argentina, as it was in the Kroger and A&P stores of my midwestern childhood. I've not eaten any in years, but I think if I were making beef and noodles - favorite comfort dish of many years ago - canned beef would be the best way to go.