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Aug 6, 2012 11:50 PM

Mauviel M'Cook Question

Hi, newbie on this board here and finally made an account! I own some Staub, Demeyere Industry5, De Buyer along with some cheaper line such as Cuisinart, even IKEA. Anyway, now I want to try Mauviel M'Cook (Stainless steel collection) .
Here's the question;
Are their handles welded or riveted?
I can't find any picture to tell the inside of the pan.
Started using Demeyere and Fissler with welded handle, thus no rivet/bump inside the pan is a breeze!
Please let me know and also if you own it, please tell the experience with it, too.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. The Mauviel M'Cook series has stainless steel rivets as far as I know, I haven't used it so I don't have a personal opinion on it... I think Demeyere is some of the best cookware, it's incredible.

    1. I have two Mauviel M'Cook saucepans. The handles are attached using two rivets. I also have a couple of Fissler pieces, and I agree with you that the welded handles and smooth interiors are nice features.

      The M'Cook saucepans are very nice, but if they were to magically disappear one day, I would be tempted to replace them with Fissler Original Pro or Demeyere Atlantis (although probably due to the urge to try something new more than any other reason). The M'Cook are five-layer fully clad pieces, which some folks seem to get all excited about, but for saucepans I think I actually prefer a thick encapsulated disk bottom as used by Fissler and Demeyere.

      PS. My attraction to Fissler and Demeyere is also attributable in part to the fact that I use an induction cooktop, and both these manufacturers seem to optimize their cookware for use on induction.

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      1. re: tanuki soup

        I had a chance to handle the Demeyere Atlantis recently at a Williams and Sonoma. The skillet surprised me a little due to its very high quality and its heft/weight. If I didn't already have two De Buyer mineral "fry pans" that one would have probably found its way into my kitchen. The 3.2qt saucepan has a really nice encapsulated bottom. The sides and lid seemed a little thin to me but, that made the saucepan balance nicely. After using a couple of welded handle pans, I think my future premium cookware purchases will be limited to the welded handles that clear nearby pots on a tight cooktop burner grid (rental places seem to crowd burners together).

        1. re: Sid Post

          Yeah, the Atlantis line is really hefty... on their saucepans, sauté, anything with deeper sides the layers of metal do not extend into the side of the pan to avoid the 'bad radiator' effect since you want a higher concentration of heat on the bottom. You lose a lot of heat out the sides when they extend the layers up the side and really don't get a lot of added benefit.

          1. re: BornEating

            Thank you everybody to tip in. If Mauviel M'cook line is riveted just like other line, then I will stick to Fissler and Demeyere. I just can't afford Atlantis/Proline, but I enjoy Industry5 (obviously 5 layers) - just you know any Demeyere even the lid is heavy (compared to AC for example) and solid. When I use S/S for mostly acidic food (Tomato/Wine base), yet I don't really stir fly so I don't mind not so fastest heat contact like 7 layers would...
            Someday I can afford to get Atlantis piece, though.

            1. re: bluemoonnumber4

              Someday I can afford to get Atlantis piece, though.

              Watch for sales on the Demeyere Atlantis pieces. I scored the Proline 9.5" and 11" skillets and the 3.2qt Atlantis saucepan for very good prices. ($150, $200, $200 respectively). I have my eye on another piece and I am patiently waiting for Henckels to throw it on sale.

        2. re: tanuki soup

          Likewise have Demeyere Atlantis(sauce pan, fry pans, etc ) and Fissler (saucepan) cookware (as well as Viking, Sitram, and Bonjour). Really like both equally and find sauce pans perform equally and fantastically.

          1. re: iculvit2

            We had a Fissler Pastatopf, or Pasta Pot for many years with welded handles.

            Earlier this Summer one of the handles became loose, and then broke off on one side. Most disappointing, as it would appear the entire handle will now come off.

            More so when I telephoned the store I bought it from, and they would not repair or replace the item. Makes it somewhat hard to cook. Perhaps it can become a small milk can.

            We have a good history with Rösle products, so I purchased a similar item featuring a new design handle and a glass lid two weeks ago. An additional benefit is that the pot is induction compliant, and a better value purchase than the Rösle Teknika, or the locally made Spring models. We have never cooked with glass lids before ( Only metal ) so this should be interesting when it finally arrives at the door.

            Accordingly, I would suggest you shop around more, or choose the Demeyere.

            1. re: SWISSAIRE

              A good day to work from home, as the Rösle Pastatopf arrived this morning. Unpacked, washed and dried off with a towel, it has a really beautiful mirrored stainless steel finish.

              I can confirm it is gas, electric, halogen, and induction compliant, and heats the pot of water in One minute, 23 seconds, using induction. I know it is breakfast time here, but I couldn't wait: Pasta has been made for lunch today, and very quickly.

              On the subject of the workmanship and handles, I have attached a few photos. The stainless quality is mirrored inside the pot, which also includes stamped measurements. Compared to the Teknika model and our Fissler with the broken handle, this unit is much lighter.

              The handles do not arc upwards, but flair outwards nicely, and appear to be be electro-welded. Fortunately there are no rivets or rivet marks inside either the main pot, or strainer insert. The interior remains unaltered, and easy to clean.

              I note that the glass lid for this combination "clicks" slightly when heated up or down. Since it is 20cm, that lid also fits some of our other cookware such as the Sauteuse pan. Conversely, our 20 cm metal lids also fit this pan combination.

              What else can be cooked using this combination ? Spargel, Asperges, or Asparagus is also advertised, potatoes certainly, and I have a few ideas to try as a steamer.

              A very good value: One third the price of the Teknika here.