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Aug 6, 2012 09:52 PM

North Lake Tahoe

No recommendation updates since 1/2011?
Where's the best place in Truckee for dinner?

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  1. I like Stella and Dragonfly. Moody's used to be great but their star chef left. The menu has been dumbed down. Maybe it's still good but I haven't been there.

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      Just checked their menu and *I* think it's terrific. Not dumb-downed. But I've only eaten lunch there over the years. We actually stopped going (not overtly but just never seemed to go in) because the menu never changed. I like what I see and will make a point to go. Owner/"celebrity chef", Mark Estee, now has Burger ME in Truckee and Reno and our fave, Campo, on the river in Reno. Actually heading there in about an hour :)

    2. I have a North Lake Tahoe query also, so appreciate any recs. What about Incline Village, Kings Beach, Tahoe Vista places for lunch??

      1. Sunnyside Resturant and Lodge. Outside seating next to the water, food selection very good.

        1. Reviews:

          River Ranch (resort) Restaurant in Tahoe City was good (but the elk meatloaf was horrible; the fresh halibut and roasted elk were wonderful), nice setting right on the river, good wines, very casual. The outdoor dinner area is really close to the lunch area full of families and rafters.

          The Wild Goose is permanently closed and used for private parties only.

          Stella was fabulous! Menu, wines, setting! Hard to find as they aren't allowed a sign on the road. Outside of Truckee by the Brockway Golf course on the Cedar House Sport Hotel grounds.

          Moody's in Truckee - good appetizers, good wines, good bar. Lunch and dinner menus looked nothing like we remembered so we didn't eat there.

          Old Town Grill in Placerville is one of our favorite places! Incredible malts, great bison burgers! Very tiny place with upscale food.

          Would have liked to try Christy Hill and/or Sunnyside in Tahoe City and Soule Domaine in Tahoe Vista but all were booked up.

          1. Didn't see th OP in time! We love Bite in Incline Village and Dragonfly in Truckee. Even with Mark leaving Moody's its still good. Actually, Truckee has quite a few decent restaurants on the main drag.

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              Nancy, we haven't been to Moodys since they reopened. Kinda stopped going cause it seemed the menu never changed. Do you like it, I gather? We're HUGE fans of Mark's Campo in Reno. BTW, Burger ME (ME stands for Mark Estee!) in Reno and Truckee are great. All freshly ground meat delivered daily.

              We've long been fans of Pacific Crest/Bar of America. Pizzas, soups, fish and chips. Like it all.