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Aug 6, 2012 09:21 PM

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway: Peaks Restaurant or Pines Cafe - anyone been to either?

I'm planning to hike once on the top of Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to Mt Jacinto Peak in Oct. If we're running late & starving for dinner might consider eating up there.

Anyone have experience at either the pricey Peaks Restaurant or the more casual Pines Cafe (cafeteria style)?

There's a Summer Ride 'N' Dine from 7/1-8/31 for $32 Ride & Dine at Pines Cafe (cafeteria style).


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  1. Do NOT waste ur time or money on Pines Cafe..what a's literally a SNACK BAR pretty much! And PEAKS is just "okay"...way overpriced for the quality of food, but somewhere to eat just for the experience of it all! You'd be better off having a nice dinner on the strip then head out to the tram for the ride only! haha!