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Aug 6, 2012 09:21 PM

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway: Peaks Restaurant or Pines Cafe - anyone been to either?

I'm planning to hike once on the top of Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to Mt Jacinto Peak in Oct. If we're running late & starving for dinner might consider eating up there.

Anyone have experience at either the pricey Peaks Restaurant or the more casual Pines Cafe (cafeteria style)?

There's a Summer Ride 'N' Dine from 7/1-8/31 for $32 Ride & Dine at Pines Cafe (cafeteria style).


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  1. Do NOT waste ur time or money on Pines Cafe..what a joke..it's literally a SNACK BAR pretty much! And PEAKS is just "okay"...way overpriced for the quality of food, but somewhere to eat just for the experience of it all Tram-wise..lol! You'd be better off having a nice dinner on the strip then head out to the tram for the ride only! haha!