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Aug 6, 2012 07:52 PM

Reservations at Txikito?

I called today to make a reservation for a Friday night at Txikito since my husband and I will be visiting from Chicago and wanted to make sure we could get in. I was told that they didn't take reservations for 2 people since you could just come in and be seated with 2 people.

We want to go around 9:30 on the Friday of Labor Day weekend. Should I try again to make a reservation or do you think we can really just walk in and not have an issue? I don't mind waiting a little while, but everything I read made me think that they took reservations. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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  1. Odd, maybe a change in policy? I've made reservations for two before. I made one for three earlier this year, but subsequent trips have always been with a big group. Hmm.

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      I think it's an unofficial policy change. I go quite often, and they do seem reluctant to give out reservations for 2, while easily granting them for 4. I think you might be ok by 9;30 on Labor Day friday, as the rush tends to lessen after 9, and anyway many NYers are out of town that weekend.

      1. re: strangemd

        Thanks for the responses. Maybe I'll have my husband call and try again before we're in town just to see if we get a different answer. I'll think we'll try it either way since it has been on the list for a while and this is our annual visit.