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Aug 6, 2012 06:59 PM

Five Boroughs Cocktails

OK, so, a buddy of mine and I are about to embark upon a quest to find the best five boroughs cocktails in all of the five boroughs. I'm taking suggestions on locales for the best place in Brooklyn to have a Brooklyn, and the finest Staten Island on Staten Island.


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  1. I like Hotel Delmano in Brooklyn:

    Clover Club in Brooklyn is very popular for cocktails:

    Have you discovered any cocktail places in Queens? I would be interested in hearing what you found in Q-Boro.



    1. In Queens I like Dutch Kills. In Brooklyn, Maison Premiere has nice cocktails as does Nights and Weekends.

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      1. re: hannahcampbell

        frej in williamsburg has great cocktails.

        1. re: yussdov

          Frej is closed this month (renovations), but I second that suggestion too.

      2. dutch kills is quite good.

        it's a little bit specialized -- albeit not as much as it might seem at first blush -- but i adore Amaru Pisco Bar in Jackson Heights. Really tasty, non-pricey bar snacks as well.

        1. If I understand your question correctly, you're looking for the best of a cocktail named for each borough, IN each borough. Correct? So you want the best Manhattan in Manhattan, etc.

          Brooklyn Social, on Smith Street, has a Brooklyn. Honestly, I didn't know that was "a thing." I thought it was just a cute name they gave to their twist on a Manhattan-- the same thing except with Rye instead of Bourbon. I had one a number of years ago. I enjoyed it. But I'm not sure I've seen one anywhere else.

          What's a Staten Island? What's a Queens? Or (*shudder*) a Bronx? :-)

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          1. re: egit

            oh, i totally misunderstood!

            i actually wrote about this a long time ago. no clue on a staten but...

            a bronx is
            6 parts gin
            2 parts sweet vermouth
            2 parts dry vermouth
            3 parts OJ

            a queens is basically the same base, substituting pineapple juice for OJ and using a pineapple garmish.

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              There is a new place on Staten Island that just got written up in the local paper. I went looking for a link to the article but couldn't find it to post here.

              Anyway, the reviewer made a big deal about how unusual and good the cocktails were. So you may want to give them a try. I am not a cocktail person, so have no personal experience.

              Rick's Cafe' on Bay St. in Stapleton. Here is the URL with the basics:


            2. re: egit

              Now we're getting somewhere ;)

              I sincerely appreciate all the posts to this point and will be exploring each one, but yes, we are thinking more along the lines of "best manhattan in manhattan, etc."

              Thanks to all for the suggestions-- I'll reply with our findings

              1. re: ArtEsposito

                ArtEsposito, I finally found a link to the review here:


                And the relevant paragraph on cocktails:

                Yes, definitely cheers on the cocktail situation at Rick’s. They are thoughtfully prepared with streaks of creativity. Some are made with fresh lime juice and off-the-Staten Island track spirits such as Ste. Germaine Elderberry liqueur. A Cucumber Martini sprinkled with black pepper flakes was excellent — cool and refreshing without any booziness — and it particularly fit the bill one recent muggy night. Old-time elixirs such as a good Negroni — gin, vermouth, Campari— and a solid Planters Punch work loosely with the Casablanca concept — fine touches.