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Aug 6, 2012 06:22 PM

newbie to The Cape...

after spending several years ending the summer in Maine, we've decided to switch it up and head to the cape for a few days the last week (mon-thur) in August.
I've never been past woods hole...and have never spent any time on the cape-neither has my bf.
We are staying in Yarmouth and I'm assuming typical burgers, fried seafood runs rampant and is easy to find-suggestions for the best of these is appreciated.
we are planning on doing a nicer dinner one night but the rest of the time being casual and on the cheaper end.also, a good place to get drinks? and I mean quality of the drinks, of course ambience helps sometimes...not sure if this is an option but we're willing to explore the area and surrounding areas a little.
any rec'ds for ANYTHING is appreciated :)


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  1. There is a lot of crappy restaurants and bars on the Cape, which charge much more than they should for the quality, so be forewarned. I am not intimately familiar with Yamouth. The Cape is included in the Boston Zagat guide, which is where I would start if in Yarmouth.

    You prob want to post on the Southern NE Board.

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      And there's a separate Zagat guide for the Cape.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. While many of us from Boston go to the Cape, you'll ger good answers on the Southern New England Board.


      2. Search the board. Yarmouth is near Dennis, Harwich, Ocean House, Brewster and Hyannis. Just a few that come to mind are Pain D'Avignon, Sesuit Harbor Cafe, Coby's, Sundae School, Brewster General Store. Agreed that there are lots of Crappy places.

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          Great clams/seafood you can do either Kreme Kone on rte 28 @ Rte 134 (my fav) or you can try Captain Frosty's on Rte 6A...

          The Red Pheasant on 6A, Scargo Cafe on 6A, Clancy's use to be good on Upper County Road but it's now under new ownership and/or management so I have no idea what it's like now. There is a really fancy French restaurant in Brewster on Rte 6a that gets rave reviews (never been out of my price range). Jacks out Back in Yarmouth on 6A use to be great but I am not sure it's still open, thought I heard they retired. The cape is filled with little restaurants mostly very casual and yes there are plenty of places that are awful and expensive. Baxters is on the water in Hyannis has great seafood and Percy's for breakfast and lunch also in Hyannis.

          Enjoy your trip....

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            Definitely agree on Sundae School, Kreme & Kone, and also check out Wee Packet (Dennisport).

        2. Sorry, but I'd stick with the recs from the thread you stared on the SE New England board. First, I don't trust Zagats at all. You'll get better info here and on Yelp. Second, some of the recs mentioned here are definitely on the 'Must Avoid" list of places to eat. I would steer clear of Captain Frosty's (good for nostalgia but you've never been so not worth it). Small portions at tourist pricing (especially the clams) with lines out the door. Kreme and Kone is better and Marathon on 28 in West Dennis (closer to Yarmouth) is better still for fried fare. Their clam plates especially are a thing of beauty. Avoid Clancy's unless you like marginal, unthoughtful food, although it is relatively cheap, and be sure to skip Scargo Cafe as it is truly horrible. The French restaurant in Brewster is avoided by locals mostly because of the rude treatment by the owners and the sometimes lousy food so I'd skip that too. Baxter's has a nice harbor front location but is a tourist rip. Go for a drink on the deck if you can get a seat. Cobie's is an okay clam shack but again, there's much better. Lastly I'd skip Perry's in Hyannis. You'll get a much better breakfast at Keltic Kitchen on 28 in Yarmouth, or even Jack's Outback in Yarmouthport (Jack has passed away but the new owners do a decent job)

          Now that I've gotten all the crummy food out of the way and established myself as a curmudgeon know-it-all, DO go to Sundae School for ice cream, or the Smuggler in Dennis on 6A. Do try the Red Pheasant for fine dining (although if you are only eating high end one night, go directly to the Ocean House and don't pass go). Sesuit Harbor Cafe in Dennis is a great and memorable classic clam shack and a plus is that it's byob. Great outdoor spot on the jetty entrance to the harbor. Usually worth battling the crowds for a picnic table. Other than that. take Phelana's advice on your other thread as it's spot on as usual. I'd also add Embargo to your Hyannis list for quality cocktails and great 1/2 price tapas plates before 6 pm everyday or all night on Tuesday. It must be the best on-season value going. A new intriguing place on Main Street Hyannis is at the new Provo Brazil Steakhouse which features Main Street's first ever outdoor bar which looks very nice and a great place for a drink and some people watching.

          Have fun and please report back!

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            thanks everyone :)
            So I posted on this board and SE new england, I wasnt quite sure the best place to post-SE board didnt look quite as populated.
            Im looking into several of these suggestions and Im ready to be on vacation for sure !