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Aug 6, 2012 05:34 PM

Is Corky's BBQ really that bad? [Memphis]

I recently returned from Memphis and had some pretty good BBQ and fried chicken. However at the airport, I tried Corky's ribs and they were inedible. From the sauce to the meat. I took them back to the counter and asked if they had been parboiled. No one knew how they were cooked except they come packaged and already cooked from one of the stores or as I was told from the street.
Please tell me the other stores are not like the airport location. Not sure how they gey away with calling that BBQ. There were plenty of people happily munching down that slop.

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  1. Corky's at the airport is that bad. The original, while not nearly the best in Memphis, turns out decent que. IMO, you can get some pretty great ribs there.

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      Yes, I've had Corky's in several locations and it's always been OK. Perhaps not the best you've ever had, but perfectly fine. I haven't had it at the airport, though, so ... sounds like that's to be avoided. That's understandable, because in an airport they're not going to be able to smoke on-site.

    2. Cork's can be hit or miss on their ribs at any of their locations. Generally they are okay. I think their sides are solid.

      I much more prefer Central or Cozy Corner for ribs.

      1. Corky's lost me forever when they had a franchise over in one of the casinos. A BBQ buffet with all you can eat ribs- I guess that they had to make them bad or they would lose money on the deal! But it always bugged me how many tourists would go back home and say "I've eaten Memphis ribs and they weren't very good"...

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          Poplar Avenue location was great for me..I ordered a 'custom' 4 meat order which for a popular place they accommodated me on...wet ribs, dry ribs, chicken and brisket...and even their brisket was good which the waiter admitted 'we don't get many people ordering this' sort of thing...had run a string of places of dry pulled pork so skipped it at this stop because of that and glad I did as I was happy with the meal.

        2. I've always found the food at the Corky's to be good. I prefer the ribs (both wet and dry) to the pulled pork. I also like their tamales. From what I've read, the owners of Corky's had an ambition: they wanted to have restaurants nationally and wanted "Corky's" to be synonymous with "barbecue." They have not succeeded in becoming a national chain, but they have succeeded in continuing to turn out good food at the stores they do have (the Memphis airport one perhaps being an exception).