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Aug 6, 2012 05:31 PM

Your favorite unusual ice cream flavors in stores

I love cookies and cream as much as anyone, but sometimes I feel like trying more exotic flavors of ice cream - mango, green tea, and black sesame are three of my favorites. I recently found a half-gallon of Selecta Mango ice cream from the Philippines at my local H-Mart, and it was surprisingly good. I'm still looking for good green tea and black sesame, though. What kinds of unusual ice cream do you like that can be found in stores, and what brand is it?

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  1. Nowadays lemon is unusual. It's my favorite, and I never see it anymore. Life without lemon ice cream is hellish indeed.

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    1. re: Perilagu Khan

      Turkey Hill sells Southern Lemon Pie, I believe, though no store around here carries it. I love Trader Joe's Lemon and Triple Ginger Snap ice cream, though. One other flavor I wish would be more easily accessible is cinnamon!

      1. re: Perilagu Khan

        My grocery stores always seem to have the Haagen Dazs Five in Lemon flavor, although I haven't tried it. I generally go for lemon sorbet but I'm sure the ice cream is delicious as well.

        1. re: biondanonima

          It's quite tasty, tart and pretty intensely lemony which really cuts through the richness of the ice cream nicely.

      2. Jeni's Ice Cream Pistachio & Honey. But really you can't go wrong with anything from the line.

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        1. re: Crockett67

          I love Jeni's! I am dying to try her Sweet Corn & Black Raspberry flavor... and all of her other flavors. They all sound delicious:

          A local restaurant here in Charlotte, Ilios Noche, does a basil ice cream that I love. And another restaurant, Halcyon, just did a Sriracha sweet potato ice cream that has me wanting a taste.

          1. re: lynnlato

            Hmmm, the basil sounds refreshing. But after trying a few hot ice creams, I stick to the sweeter ones. lol!

            Sweet Corn & Black Raspberry is nice, you will probably like the Brambleberry crisp one as well.

        2. If you can get Selecta, try their ube (purple yam) or macapuno (mutant coconut) flavors. The ube is especially my favorite.

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          1. re: JungMann

            Having run out of mango, I stopped by H-Mart and picked up a ube-macapuno swirl flavor. It's excellent, thanks for the recommendation! :)

            1. re: JungMann

              I was going to say Macapuno! I was introduced to it by Philapino coworkers. It's coconut, but better.

              1. re: Jeri L

                Not only does it taste amazing, you get to tell people you're eating mutant coconuts! Or so says the English translation on the label.

              2. re: JungMann

                I looked here on a lark, and there it was, Selecta ube. That stuff is exceptional. Now I just need to figure out a recipe for black-sesame tuiles sturdy enough to scoop it up with. :)

                1. re: mamachef

                  Have you ever had the purple "Ube" ice cream from Mitchell's in San Francisco? I wonder how similar the Selecta is to that?
                  But I have to say, if Bi-rite's Salted Caramel is ever commercialized into supermarkets, it would be a tremendous hit.

                  1. re: Tripeler

                    Tripeler, I have had Mitchell's ube - delicious; ultracreamy and very flavorsome. V. similar to the Selecta - but minus a tang the Selecta has that puts if JUST over the edge. Now, onto the next: BITE YOUR TONGUE!! This could only ever happen if somehow it got marketed in small batches......that is such amazing ice cream, to mass-market it would be tragic; sorta like what happned w/ Sticky Chewy Chocolate. :( But yeah: if it could be done right, *kaboom!* (Try it with dark hot fudge, salted pecans and unsweetened whipped cream sometime.......)

                    1. re: mamachef

                      Accckkk. Just thinking bout that makes my tongue swell up!

                      1. re: Tripeler

                        In a good way, right? :) nut allergy?

                        1. re: mamachef

                          In a GOOD way, oh yeah! Dark hot fudge and salted pecans!

                      2. re: mamachef

                        Selecta ube is tangy? I haven't had commercial ube ice cream since I went low carb, but man, if I can find a pint somewhere, I may have to blow some carbs on trying this purple temptress.

                        1. re: JungMann

                          Oui, good sir. Just an edge. I think it's worth going off the wagon for. Just once. You can quit anytime you want to. NO loss of control here, folks. :)
                          Give it a try. You live but once.

                  2. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good goat's milk ice cream? I've been trying to get some Laloo's black fig but haven't found it so far.

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                    1. re: solarstar

                      Jeni's has a goat cheese and cherry flavor. I haven't tried it yet, but it's on my short list.

                      1. re: lynnlato

                        In order of preference (from best to worst), goat's milk ice cream that I've tried:

                        1. Brazos
                        2. Palapa Azul (Cajeta)
                        3. Jeni's
                        4. Laloo's

                    2. In the 1940's a popular ice cream flavor was Orange-Pineapple. I don't understand why somebody doesn't revive it. Have not seen it in years. Is anybody making it?

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                      1. re: Querencia

                        I had some last year at an ice cream stand outside Slippery Rock, PA. Ordered it because I couldn't tell you the last time I saw it on a menu. I wasn't disappointed either.

                        1. re: Querencia

                          I think it must be sold by whoever makes bases for ice cream stands that purport to have homemade ice cream, because it seems like all the stands in the Boston suburbs have mostly the same choices, and all have Orange-Pineapple.