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Aug 6, 2012 05:03 PM

What to mix when you're expecting

Recently found out that we're expecting our first child. I would really love to be able to branch out a bit beyond a Shirley Temple for the wife. I've played a bit but it's been hit or miss...she's got an adventurous palate. Anybody have a goto recipe or site?

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  1. First congratulations! I would use some of the bettery syrups, either homemade or bought and mix those with some of the better sodas or tonic water. Imagine a homemade grenadine with a pineapple syrup, some bitters and a blast of soda. Or try some of the homemade sodas that Morgenthaler recently made on his site. Not too sweet or fizzy, easily customizable and very adult.

    I find an interesting juice or puree(say soursop) with some tonic or soda and a dash or bitters is a great drink with or without the alcohol. What else have you tried.

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      Have done grenadine and lime. And cinnamon vanilla with lemon. Also trying to work out something with my homemade orgeat.

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        Sounds like you're off to a good start. I've never been pregnant, but enjoy complex non-alcoholic beverages from time to time. A tiny splash of orgeat, some bitters of whatever flavor she likes, and a squeeze of citrus in seltzer makes a lovely adult beverage that is not sugary sweet and is for all intents and purposes nonalcoholic. I also really like some hibiscus syrup in seltzer when I'm feeling like something winey without the booze. Serving it in a real cocktail/rocks/wine glass also really does make a difference.

        Also, I sometimes like a teeny bit of a flavorful spirit like bourbon or a good gin or rum, greatly diluted with seltzer or water with a squeeze of whatever fruit is appropriate. A heavier mixer will drown it out, but if she's craving the flavor of spirits, it can be a good way to safely satisfy the tastebuds. I know some expectant moms that wouldn't even try this, but every mom has to figure out her own balance.

    2. Grapefruit juice or cranberry are good in seltzer water. Add a little lime to the cranberry.

      Egg creams are wonderful when you're pregnant. (well, they're wonderful if you're not pregnant, too)

      Puree some raspberries, blackberries and/or strawberries, strain through cheesecloth if you don't want seeds. Mix with seltzer or lemon-lime soda.

      And congratulations on your first baby!

      1. You might want to try this book:

        My go-to nonalcoholic drink when I'm out and don't want to drink alcohol for whatever reason is tonic+cranberry+a dash of Angostura, with a twist. (The bitters adds a tiny amount of alcohol but as far as I'm concerned it's still alcohol-free.) It's not too sweet, looks like a cocktail, tastes (mostly) like a cocktail, is just about as satisfying (minus the buzz), and is quite refreshing.

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          Julia Child made seltzer, a couple of dashes of Angostura, and a big squeeze of lemon. It is non-caloric, tart and spicy. Substitute other bitters for different tastes. A good selection of bitters will get you through the 9 months. After the birth, you'll be too tired to drink ;)

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            Thanks for the link. Will definitely have to look into picking that one up.

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              I too recommend Preggatinis by Natalie Bovis, The Liquid Muse. Just hung out with her two weeks ago in New Orleans talking about her latest book, Edible Cocktails.

            2. I have a copy of Zero Proof Cocktails which I was assured is much better than Preggatinis. I haven't made too many of the recipes, but there are some decent ideas.

              I've also tried stealing a couple mocktails from Eastern Standard: Lemonade and Peychaud's served as an up drink (they call it Lemmy Tum Tum), and the Sophisticated Lady-muddled cucumber with cranberry juice, lime and simple.

              Things like mint lemonade or jalapeno limeade tend to go over well. I have also made a play on the lemon, lime and bitters soda that you can find in Australia which is pretty much as it sounds: lemon juice, lime juice, simple, and Angostura bitters with soda water. Virgin PiƱa Coladas are good if you don't mind breaking out the blender.

              1. I'm looking right now at the side bar on this site--How to make a peach vinegar shrub. I watched the video and then looked at a few websites. It sounds really refreshing and there's lots of room for creativity. I'm going to try making it today.

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                  Any shrub and seltzer water is excellent. I was given a raspberry "vinegar" which was actually a shrub -- sweetened to the point of being only mildly tart. I quickly used it up in seltzer and also in cocktails.

                  Vinegar is an underrated acidifier.

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