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Aug 6, 2012 04:58 PM

Day Drinking in Toronto. You know you're out there.

Forgive me in advance for the lack of "chow" focus in this topic, but I need your help.

3 guys - 35 years old. Toronto for the weekend. Staying in Financial District, going to heavy metal concerts at night. But...we are not metal heads - financial professional, mechanical engineer and master vodka distiller. We want to find some places with good vibes during the day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for beers, shots, etc. No budget constraints. Just want to hang out, chill or get plowed. Could go either way. Any suggestions on where to head for this?

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  1. Pravda Vodka Bar on Wellington St

    South of Temperance has a great patio - not sure of the vibe on Fri/Sat/Sun - it is a scene on Thursdays after work

    Beer - BeerBistro at King & Yonge

    1. Is this weekend happening soon (i.e. patio season)?

      1. Betty's - King east - always a great place to party near downtown and not all conservative like some of the spots...
        otherwise walk down queen from bathurst west, and bar hop

        1. if its nice weather then the black bull patio at queen west and soho-other ideas.... the legendary horseshoe tavern at queen west and spadina, barhop on king west, south of temperance would be better on the friday of the weekend, barchef for later high end, drake patio, queen west between dovercourt and gladstone, cadillac lounge at queen west just west of dufferin, the cameron house when there is music (usually indie rock) at queen west and cameron which is just west of spadina, the rex at queen and mccaul has live jazz throughout the day...swing a dead cat along queen west between university and brock and you'll find enough bars to keep you occupied...

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          1. re: ingloriouseater

            It's fine to stay in the financial district, but I wouldn't party there. Here are a few good drinking haunts.

            Evening/Night oriented:

            Spirit House
            Bar Chef
            Harbord Room
            Cold Tea
            Drake Hotel
            416 Snack Bar
            Side Car
            Toronto Temperance Society (private, but they'll let you up if you're nice, not too drunk and it's not too busy)
            Country General

            More day-time oriented:

            Patio at Ultra
            Patio at Black Bull
            Patio at Wayne Gretzky's
            Wide Open (hole on spadina, been known to host many musicians for the sole purpose of getting intoxicated)


            1. re: justxpete

              Justxpete, the Wide Open is not open during the day.. I believe they only open early (around 6ish) on Thursdays.
              To the OP. I do a lot of day drinking (work nights) and I would stick to places with patios on the Friday.. People linger on patios so you won't be the only customers..

              1. re: tasoid

                ah - I consider "day" drinking anything around after-work hours - so yeah, 6pm would be day drinking for me. I do think they open at 5, however, as opposed to 6.


          2. The original comment has been removed