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smoked meat - lesser of two evils

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I know it's not a just question... but between nickel's and dunn's.... where would be better smoked meat? And you don't need to tell me that neither is even close to schwartz's, but it has to be one of these two.....

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  1. my vote goes to Dunn's.

          1. By all means Dunn's. At least it's an actual deli/smoked meat joint, not a generic franchise that doesn't specialize in anything.

            1. dunns taste and texture over nickels store bought processed with chemicals smoked meat style.

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                All smoked meat is processed with chemicals. Sodium nitrite is a chemical, whether you put it there directly, or use something like celery extract (still sodium nitrite so don't kid yourself about "nitrite free").

                Does Dunns make their own smoked meat, or is it processed by someone like Lester's? I actually prefer Chenoy's to Dunn's, but Pete's out on Ile Perot is my goto place nowadays.

                1. re: Zalbar

                  @ Zalbar: I should have been more specific. I'm was not taking about nitrites but about like liquid smoke, food coloring and the many preservatives involved to keep a long shelf life.

              2. I like the replies up to now as they simply answer the OP and no diatribe about this or that.

                However, I am curious, rikk, what prompts the question?

                Slightly off-topic, Zalbar, have you tried Deli Bees?



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                  First I've heard of them, but now I will have to make a stop on the way home. I tried that place on St-John's boulevard Abie's and was really disappointed.

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                    As you might read in the Chow thread, Smoked Meat Pete and Deli Bee are related. Apparently brothers who had a falling out, but this is based solely on internet hearsay.

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                    thanks all. Reason it's between these two is simply for a matter of convenience. I'm in visiting for a few days (family member in the hospital), and looking for something between home and hospital. Too far and out of the way to go to Schwartz's, but need to fill my montreal craving for a few simple things from old memories - souvlaki, a good and reaosnable burger, some chocolate danish, etc. Heading back to USA this evening, so a short visit....

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                      If you're a Costco member, they have Dunn's prepackaged and ready to transport across the border....that way you can take the memories with you.

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                        I think Metro carries it as well.

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                          It's too late now. If you were going through Dorval Airport, Lesters Deli has a location at the airport(US departures area). You can get their smoked meat there.

                      2. Dunn's, no contest. When I did a tourney a few years back, Nickels was the single worst experience.

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                          Curiosity, which commercial smoked meat supplier supplies to Nickels?

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                            I don't know but all the industrial stuff is pathetic. However if you find cryovacked "Nower" or "Quebec Smoke Meat" in the deli counter of your local smoke meat joint, its quite good!

                        2. It does not seem like you are enthusiastic about either choice. Don't know if you are aware but some the Belle Provinces have smoked meat on the menu. A restaurant near the Dorval airport by the name of Jumbos has amazing smoked meat but not sure if it is opened on the weekend as it caters to business crowd in the Industrial Park. Maybe for your next visit under better circumstances.

                          1. A couple of months ago my sister came back to town and she wanted to visit Dunn's as she used to love going there when she grew up in Montreal. We went to the one downtown and I have to say their smoked meat sandwich was, hands down, THE best I've ever had in my life. It surprised me because I've had the sandwiches at Schwartz's, The Main, Abies, Delibees, Smoked Meat Pete's and Chenoys - all quite good. Dunn's was the only one I hadn't had a sandwich from in several years and remarkably it was the best of the bunch. Medium fat, just delicious. Surprised me big time as I really thought it was going to be just average.

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                              they also make house-cut fries and that's a huge plus for me.

                            2. Definitely Dunn's.

                              FYI had their prepackaged smoked meat the other day and was very impressed that it was as good as it was.