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Aug 6, 2012 04:32 PM

Mid-cape (?) rec'ds wanted!

after spending several years ending the summer in Maine, we've decided to switch it up and head to the cape for a few days the last week (mon-thur) in August.
I've never been past woods hole...and have never spent any time on the cape-neither has my bf.
We are staying in Yarmouth and I'm assuming typical burgers, fried seafood runs rampant and is easy to find-suggestions for the best of these is appreciated.
we are planning on doing a nicer dinner one night but the rest of the time being casual and on the cheaper end.also, a good place to get drinks? and I mean quality of the drinks...not sure if this is an option but we're willing to explore the area and surrounding areas a little.
any rec'ds for ANYTHING is appreciated :)


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  1. Where in Yarmouth are you staying? The bay side is Yarmouthport and know for it's quaint shops, better restaurants, and scenic and historic surroundings. The ocean side (West Yarmouth or South Yarmouth is where all the motels are and is very touristy and honkytonk but it's where most of the town beaches are. It'll make a difference on the rec.

    For your nice dinner out, hit The Ocean House in Dennisport. Great food on the ocean. Nice bar scene too with quality cocktails and a lighter menu. Discussed often here.

    1. My focus will be near Yarmouthport since since I don't have a summer rec for the Yarmouth side.

      Fin in Dennis Village (great bartender, Tina formerly from Brewster Fish House), 10 min. from Yarmouthport for dinner. Harvest Wine Bar for tapas, great wine and music (starts around 7 which is nice) same village, Ice Cream Smuggler for ice cream same village, Lyric (nice bar) in Y'Port is fine to try. Oysters Too in Barnstable Village on the water for cheap seafood in the rough, 10 min. from Yarmouthport and as mentioned already if in Yarmouth, Ocean House is minutes away. I do love Norabella but tend to make that rec for off season as it's small and cozy, more suited IMHO to winter and fall months. Lastly, if in West Yarmouth, you are close to Hyannis. Many love Island Merchant (great bar) for fish tacos and pulled pork and the great music scene. Fun bar and they sell Ting, Jamaican soda. The chef won an award recently. I like it very well...

      1. Can't go wrong following CCG & phelana. They know the mid-cape as well as anybody. For casual, I'd like to add The Skipper. It's right across the street from Parker's River Beach on South Shore Drive. The ocean views from the second floor deck are really nice. The food is above average and the drinks are good. Main Street in Hyannis has many good restaurants and the sidewalk scene in the evening is quite entertaining.

        1. Can a CT guy pipe in and recommend Eclectic Cafe in Hyannis for your one nice dinner? We had a great meal there on our last night.

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            Nice option for sure. And a place that is so out of the way it is often overlooked. It's just so hard to top the Ocean House for food, service, and that ocean front location. Especially if you only splurge once.

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              I'll have to get to Ocean House on my next trip! I am putting all of these restaurants into my GPS as you guys mention them. Thanks!

          2. The cuisine is important, but so is the atmosphere. In the Yarmouth area try:
            Baxter's in Hyannis Harbor. In the afternoon, it's fun to watch the Steamship Authority ferries, tour boats, and private boats float past while enjoying your favorite refreshment and a bucket of steamed clams. You may even see a Kennedy.
            Gina's By the Sea in Dennisport. It's hard to find and get there early because parking is limited, but it provides a wonderful evening. If you have to wait for a table, take a walk along Cape Cod Bay and watch a sunset like no other - just like Patti Page sang about.
            The Skipper in South Yarmouth, previously mentioned, is great for lunch but you must sit upstairs for the view. It is also great for drinks. Families enjoy the outside ice cream stand at night. Parker's River Beach, which is across the street, has swings and play equipment for kids.
            Ocean House for dinner for the reasons eloquently and accurately provided by others.
            Inaho on route 6A in Yarmouth is great for sushi - no water view.