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Aug 6, 2012 03:38 PM

What to eat on Amtrak?

(I apologize if this has been covered - I wasn't able to find anything in searches.)

If you lived in DC (or Philly or Boston), worked in Manhattan once a month, and took the Acela home at dinner time, where would you pick up your dinner to go? (Please offer any place in Manhattan!)

I've read about Wild Edibles and Dish for take-home meals, but it seems you need to be able to warm those things up. I've not been thrilled with Dean & DeLuca, but it's a standby.

I'm thinking a sandwich, soup, or salad - anything *fresh* and *flavorful* and maybe a half bottle of nice wine. I guess nothing too odiferous, alas.

I don't mind going out of my way for good food.

Many thanks!

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  1. The Tripleta sandwich at Ma Peche is great. Maybe you can get it to go?

    For sweets. I love the DKA at Dominique Ansel and the macarons at Laduree.

    1. Literally anywhere in Manhattan?

      Murray's Cheese - they have a grilled cheese bar
      No 7 Sub
      Russ & Daughters
      Sunny & Annie
      Whatever sandwich is on the menu at the moment at Momofuku Ssam Bar
      Katz's Deli
      Takeout lobster roll from Pearl Oyster Bar / Luke's / Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck
      Salumeria Biellese

      This slideshow, which a little older, might give you some good ideas:

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        Thank you! Looks like I am set for the next 13 months!

      2. A sandwich from Salumeria Bielese just down 2 or so blocks from Penn Station on 8th Ave would do the trick.

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        1. re: Alan Henderson

          The prosciutto and mozzarella hero looks great!

        2. Second No 7 sub for sure.
          Also Num Pang if you are near Grand Central. Just take lots of napkins!
          You can get tons of nice things in the Grand Central market also, especially if you want a dessert to go with your sandwich. Dishes is also there and not all their stuff needs to be heated. Good salads with lentils, couscous etc.

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            i think that the Acella goes to Penn Station; so my guess is that one should try to find some place in that area. I like Barneys and Russ and Daughters but both would require a trip on the subway. I bet there is some good sushi to go in the neighborhood. But i live in Cambridge and so expect that there are better informed hounds.

          2. woorjip on 32nd street has a cornucopia of korean dishes, a lot of which can be eaten cold or at room temperature. some may well be a bit pungent, but not all. the kimbap, the tofu dishes, a lot of the non-kimchi veg items would fit the bill.

            tracks, right in penn, has more than serviceable seafood....they have a decent raw bar, so perhaps there're some cold shrimp or crabmeat items on their menu?

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            1. re: debinqueens

              For convenience, here are my recs around Penn Station.

              Ditto this. I've done Woorijip myself on the fly many a time. It's a Korean deli with many pre-wrapped, easy to take home dishes. They also have a hot bar that you can pick from. I'm partial to the bibimbap and the japchae but there's also spicy chicken and sushi. I've got it down to in and out in 3-5 mins.

              You can also get sweet snacks like sticky rice there or pick up pastries from nearby Paris Bakery. There's a 32nd street food court with a wide range of items and a Taiwanese bian dan place inside too.

              If you want to make people jealous and you've got 20-30 minutes to wait for it, I'd bring Korean fried chicken. Just know that the garlic soy scent will probably make everyone want to jump you for your food :) Lastly, hard to transport but delicious and cheap is Go Go Curry on 38th.

              A bit further is Food Parc, the food mall at Eventi hotel. Aura Thai on 9th Ave is decent too.

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                  What? I've been out of the city for awhile. Sad.