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Help....Dessert for gifts?

I need suggestions for a client with a sweet tooth. Last time I loaded them up with treats from Momofuku Milk bar which they loved. They've also had treats from Kyotofu. The treats have to be able to travel, no cream. Thank you for your help!!!

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  1. Look into the treats at Epicerie Boulud and Bouchon Bakery.

    The DKA and canelés at Dominique Ansel might also worth considering though you may need to package those yourself.

    Are you mailing or hand-carrying these items?

    1. Macarons from Dominique Ansel or Ladurè... They always make a nice gift as they come in fancy boxes..

      1. If you have access to a Lebanese market, the small pastries which have honey, nuts,pistachios, are very nice to receive as a gift.

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          For this look to Turkey: try Gulluoglu Baklava & Cafe

        2. You can do babka (chocolate or cinnamon) from Zabar's, butter cookies from Veniero's, macarons from Financier.

          1. Thank you for the suggestions!

            1. * Minamoto Kitchoan: selling 'wagashi' or Japanese confectionery, including fruit jelly and rice cakes. They are awesome.

              * Vosges Chocolate: Chicago-based gourmet chocolate manufacturer has two shops in NY. I particularly like their seasonal spring flower chocolates (Not sure whether they still have them since it's summer. There are four flavors of rose vert, plantanos y orchidus, mirabelle orange, and siam citron) and Krug champagne truffles.

              * Michel Cluizel: French chocolate shop. I love their liqueur truffles.

              * Laduree macarons are always welcomed! :)

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                Fun pics, I am inspired to try them all!

              2. Jacques Torres has some chocolate treats that are really fun and delicious. I personally love the chocolate covered cheerios and the chocolate covered cornflakes...oh and the chocolate covered marshmallows. AND the pecan brittle. Ok I'll stop now!

                1. I haven't eaten one in like 15 years but Fat Witch makes these big greasy brownies and blondes. I know they have a retail shop in Chelsea Market but I've never been. I used to love them when I was younger. They used to be sold in every corner deli and bodega.

                  There's also a place on Spring St that sells mini cupcakes for a dollar each. They're tiny poppable style cupcakes and are really cute gifts when boxed. Unfortunately I can't remember the name!