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Aug 6, 2012 02:33 PM

Visiting Sanibel Island, any favorites?

Any chowhounder reports, staying at the West Wind.

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  1. Not sure where West Wind is but we like The Island Cow. Large menu, casual ambiance, downside can be busy.

    1. my picks would be: Over Easy Cafe. Just excellent breakfasts. 3X better than Island Cow.
      Sweet Melissa's. If you are a foodie this should be on your list.
      Thistle Lodge: historic home, lovely ambiance. On the Casa Ybel property.
      Doc Ford's: fun rum bar, great fish tacos. If you haven't read Randy Wayne White's mysteries, you can pick them up here. He is an owner and fixture around Sanibel.
      I have been getting oysters at the original Lazy Flamingo in CapSan village (near blind pass on the way to Captiva) for years. Very beachy.

      I would avoid Island Cow myself, but others obviously differ. I find their food rather pedestrian and using cheap ingredients.

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        I would like to get some sweet Melissa Details ,,going to Captiva in 2 weeks

      2. schnappers red hots and get the fries they are the best you will ever eat, great italian sausage sandwich also, we drive from west palm bch once in a while for them, they also make custom pizzas and ice cream burgers etc www.schnappershotssanibel.com

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          buffalo hot dogs! I love them and their fries.... just don't stop there anymore....bad for my health and my waist.

        2. We ate at Sweet Melissa's twice during a recent week in Sanibel. Loved it. Excellent food, excellent cocktails. Loved the duck leg confit and husband raved about fish stew. They do small plates and "petit portions" of regular mains, which I love because I would prefer several smaller things than one big dish. We ate one night at Mad Hatter which seems to get love-hate reviews, but we had an excellent meal. Went early for sunset. Got bottle of wine and went out back to the beach, watched sunset from beach and then dinner.

          Doc Ford was just ok by our estimation. Would return, but didn't thrill us. We had a wonderful breakfast at Over Easy Cafe and can recommend. Tried Lazy Flamingo for lunch. Blech. Conch fritters, conch chowder, all awful. Bland, gummy. Yuck. Went to Schnapper's Hots for lunch one day. While it was good I thought it was very overpriced for hots dogs and fries.

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            Thanks for the reviews ,, I already made reservations at Sweet Melissa ........ IWill write a review in a few weeks ...