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Aug 6, 2012 02:23 PM

Weeknight dinner North of Eglinton

Looking for a nice place for dinner North of Eglinton. Mains should be in the $25 - $35 range and no more than $40. Not looking for anything adventurous - Italian or North American cuisine is preferred.

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  1. It's one or two blocks south of Eglinton, but Zucca is a good fit for what you're looking for

    1. Nice place, not adventurous, you say? And how far north of Eglinton are you willing to venture? Because it sounds like you're describing the Miller Tavern, just off Yonge St. and just south of York Mills Rd. Eminently comfortable dining room, many entrees in your price range - the menu is available online for inspection. Kinda boring, but well done, and popular with the well-heeled neighbourhood. I like the steaks and the salmon. The simpler the dish, the better the kitchen does it. Some dishes overpriced - Cobb Salad at $19.50, for example, is a joke. Good service. Acceptable wine prices. Has its own free attached parking lot, which is often full - but other parking nearby, some of it free as well. Make sure you dine in the upstairs dining room, which is definitely nice, and not the downstairs bar, which is nice for a pub, but not nice-nice.

      If you insist on Italian, though, two mid-level Italian joints north of Eglinton that I like are: Paese, on Bathurst St. just north of Wilson Ave.; and Trio, on Yonge St. just north of Lawrence Ave. Both are medium-priced. Trio is strong on pastas, pizza and salads. High wine prices, though. I've never had pasta at Paese - because the other mains are so good. And there's no corkage on bring-your-own-wine every night but Saturday. Both are in your price range, with Trio slightly cheaper - if you don't tangle with its wine list. Menus available online. Easy parking at either place - Paese even has its own lot, which is also often full, but there's easy street parking one short block north. Both are what I'd call nice. At least, no fights have ever broken out while i was there. A civilized local clientele, not given to confrontation, at either place. Service is civilized as well. I'd proudly take my aged cousin to any of the above.

      I'll leave it to others to suggest joints north of Eglinton Ave.,either east or west of the Yonge St. core, where niceness and acceptable prices reign. I tend to stick to the centre of town.

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      1. re: juno

        We are willing to venture as far North as Elgin Mills!!!

      2. What juno said. Plus I'll throw out a couple of more options:

        Left Bank Bistro on Avenue, south of Wilson for pleasant bistro fare. And if you go before 7pm, they have a fantastic prix fixe deal. For $25 (24? 27?) you get either 3 courses, or 2 courses and a glass of wine. Very nice.

        Stack Smokehouse for a little bit of everything from BBQ to pastas and sandwiches. And donuts. S'mores donuts.

        1. Thanks for your help! We've decided to go to one of the restaurants in Old Richmond Hill.