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Aug 6, 2012 02:03 PM

Best whole beast dinner?

For my birthday this year, I want to do one of the whole protein dinners where you can get a tasting menu based on a single protein. I know about Beast, Bestellen's suckling pig and Feasting room... are there any others that I'm missing? Would prefer to stay downtown and not Asian style

Does any one have personal experience with any of these dinners at these restaurants? Would like to find a good, fun vibe for a group of probably about 8-10 ppl. I've been to Beast before for regular dining, but have yet to try Bestellen or Feasting Room

Also, any recommendations for bars/lounges near any of these restaurants for drinks afterwards (good for a late 20s/early 30s crowd) would be great

Thanks and much appreciated!

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  1. I have.'t had it yet but friends loved the bestellen suckling pig Dinner. Also with Emmet ray down the street you can't find a better bar to go to after. You'll probably see Rob and his kitchen crew there!

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      Oh glad to hear your friend liked it.! I have been leaning toward that restaurant but wanted to see if I could get some first hand experience from anyone. I am leaning toward Bestellen because the vibe looks really fun. I found pics online of the whole suckling pig and while it looks awesome to me, hoping my more squeamish friends will okay w/ the presentation, head and all haha

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            That implies that this is a 'family-style' preparation - NOT a Tasting menu as such. People just help themselves from a large platter.

            At Feasting Room it's a 6-course tasting menu - BUT you don't get the 'whole' animal (necessarily). The meal is constructed from various parts - and depends on the animal being used that week.

    2. I had a whole beast dinner for my birthday at Beast a couple years ago and loved it. You can pretty much fully customize everything - e.g., I asked for the dishes to be a surprise but requested not to have certain ingredients. And it's fun, the place is so small that you wind up taking over half of it when you have a big group. Actually, I have photos up here if you want an idea of what you get - Lots of places in the area for drinks afterwards too. Although, I should mention that I've had two tasting menus at Beast now and both times everyone was super-stuffed so if you're planning to go out after dinner, that might be a consideration.