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Aug 6, 2012 12:59 PM

Would you order fried fish in a BBQ restaurant?

If that restaurant is Soul Fire, the answer is YES. Wife and I went on Saturday night. I go for the ribs and brisket, she decides to order a fried catfish platter. We got huge portions, I took most of mine home. But not a crumb of that catfish left uneaten. We both declared it to be the best fried fish we ever ate. Thin, crispy coating over perfectly cooked fish.

We told our server how much we liked the fish, and she said that it is not ordered very often. Everything else was very good. The fried mac and cheese, which we never had before, had the thinnest of coating - someone knows how to use the deep fryer. Loved the cole slaw, potato salad, and beans. Corn bread was good. Not as cloyingly sweet as we had elsewhere, but definitely not Southern. Brisket was moist and tender. The fat cap was around 1cm and there was a smoke ring. It was far less smoky than Blue Ribbon, which I liked. Ditto the ribs, the last takeout I got from Blue Ribbon truck were so smoky that our house smelled for days.

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  1. I had the catfish as one of my meats for the combo plate, and I share your sentiment - it was INCREDIBLE. Absolutely fantastic, and definitely the best catfish I've ever eaten.

    1. I also partook in that hot fried catfish on Saturday evening and boy howdy was it the real deal. Supremely fresh, clean tasting fish with none of that catfish muddiness (which I actually kinda like), fried flawlessly. I too had a minor fried fish epiphany, wondering when the heck the last time was I had one that good. Some slaw, burnt end & spare rib-loaded chili, and a few ice cold Lonestars made for a king's meal. Aside from the lack of air conditioning (oof).

      1. I actually usually order fried fish in BBQ restaurants. I have never tried Soul Fire's, though. I need to get over there!

          1. Catfish sandwich is pretty much the only thing I order at Redbones these days. Always good.