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Brunch with Good Champagne

I am looking for a good brunch but the most important thing is that they must serve good champagne with it, not something that you have to down with orange juice in oder to drink it.

Can anyone help?

Thank you!


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  1. Patio at the Polo Lounge. Patio at Ivy.

    1. Was just at the Sunset Marquis yesterday for Sunday brunch with the folks. Food was just OK, service was atrocious but the champagne they served was excellent and included in the price of $55 per person. Shocking.

      1. I think Petrossian serves brunch with a nice champagne.

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          +1 for Petrossian- plus, sitting outside in the sun on a weekend day is great, and they have those whipped/scrambled-in-the-shell eggs topped with cream and caviar.

          Also, it's a bit of a party scene but Bagatelle is known for it's Champagne brunches...

        2. The Belvedere at the Peninsula Hotel used to serve Dom PĂ©rignon at their Sunday brunch (this was "free flowing" all you could drink Dom). I think they switched up to Perrier Jouet, which is still good champagne. I would suggest you confirm because it's been more than a year at least since I've eaten there for brunch.

          1. Four Seasons is another option to consider.

            1. Spago when it opens back up. They serve Krug by the glass.

              1. $79.00 for all of the champagne you can drink and more than just a good brunch = St Regis

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                  why don't you just take nice bottle of champagne and pay the corkage

                2. Any high end brunch restaurant will have champagne by the bottle. But no one is serving the good stuff for free.

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                    Thank you for all the recommendations! I appreciate it!

                  2. Porta Villa on Cannon in BH does a nice brunch and serves good champagne. They also have a nice patio.