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Aug 6, 2012 12:12 PM

maybe moving to Kansas City MO from Boston

Hi everyone,

There is a reasonable chance my husband and I will be moving to KC in the coming month or two.

I know KC has a wonderful bbq tradition, but no idea what else. What other ethnicities have opened restaurants there? What else will I find? What kind of ethnic markets? Farmers markets? Or should I consider this a fabulous business opportunity for pho/dim sum/sushi/jewish deli/ etc?


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  1. We have Mexican, Indian, Thai, Chinese, German, Italian, French, sushi, name it, there's probably a decent restaurant somewhere around town who serves it.

    As far as holes in the market, try the Jewish deli route.

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    1. re: angelchrys

      Thanks! Do you have any particular favorites outside of barbecue? I did some reading on Yelp but trust hounds more.

      1. re: Raconteur

        Oh, I have lots of favorites. I live on the Kansas side, so most of my recommendations are for over here. What part of town are you going to be living in? Will help with targeting recommendations.

        1. re: angelchrys

          I have no idea if or where. If it looks like we're really coming I'll ping about good places to eat. For now it's just reassuring to know I'll find all kinds of good things.

          1. re: Raconteur

            ALL kinds of good things to eat here, not to worry. I would agree with Jewish deli. One closer to KC, MO would be great.

            1. re: jdl98

              Thanks! The reassurance is helping make the idea of the move easier. I figured hounds would understand.

    2. Since Amor Picante closed, do we have any Peruvian?
      I wouldn't mind seeing a few more Vietnamese restaurants scattered around.
      Definitely agree about the authentic deli.

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      1. re: 2roadsdiverge

        I would suggest that the chinese food in Kansas city relative to the food in chinatown in Boston is dreadful.

        You are not going to find anything relative to good dim sum in KC area.

        I will say that the latin american ethnica food is probably better in KC area than in Boston. Also, whereas in boston you may have five restaurants of a given genre, you are only going to find one or two in the greater kc area.

        1. re: cwdonald

          thank you both. While I've been spoiled by truly excellent Chinese food, knowing there are Asian markets in the area (Yelp says there are) is reassuring. I can adapt, I just needed to know there was some variety. It's a way of getting over the nerves of the potential move.

          1. re: cwdonald

            Oh sure, if you are talking about the QUALITY of the food, Kansas City is lacking in lots of areas. We have a few Ethiopian places, but none at the level of Washington, DC or New York. And as mentioned, our Chinese is typical Midwest Americanized "Chinese". I was just talking about lacking in number of options, not in quality.

            Places where KC outshines many other cities (including Boston) would be in BBQ (of course) and Mexican/Latin American.

            And there are a number of Asian and Middle Eastern markets around town.

              1. re: Raconteur

                what you won't find here that you are accustomed to is seafood but i'm sure you're aware.

                1. re: Raconteur

                  I adore Boston! But you'll like KC - the real estate prices, the parking.. :)
                  There are a few good Vietnamese cafes in the new Columbus Park neighborhood (not new, but used to be Italian, now Vietnamese) - it's quite tasty.
                  the KU Med area (39th) has a nice selection of restaurants (Blue Koi - noodles/dumpling, Indian, bars, shaved ice, vegan bakery, D'Bronx pizza, Jazz/Jimmy Jigger's Oyster bar (Oysters - read: not like New England, but it's kind of fun).
                  SW Trafficway has some great Mexican and Hispanic eats (casual mexican to La Bodega tapas.)
                  Plaza area has a few chains (Brio, PF Changs, Capital Grille) and a few local places (Blanc Burgers, Starkers, Cafe Trio)... Bar distrcict of Westport has good bar food (harrys, beer kitchen) plus Indian buffet, passable Thai food....
                  We FINALLY have two Trader Joe's (one in MO and in KS).
                  What is missing - to me - is seafood, really good Chinese, Eastern European/Russian.
                  Also- there are only a few Dunkin Donuts here - so brace yourself. Oh, and they really are crappy compared to New England DD. :)

          2. Thank you all for your responses! this is really helpful. We come out for the final interview in a few weeks and I'll bring your suggestions for eating while we're there.

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            1. re: Raconteur

              i hope you're staying in a fun part of town!

              1. re: jdl98

                I don't even know what a fun part of town is :)

                1. re: Raconteur

                  2 states, 10 counties.
                  Crossroads/DT/ ColumbusPark/ inner East Side/ Crown Center/ West Side.
                  Partly depends on your age/family situation/urban suburban inclinations

                  1. re: Raconteur

                    yep, depends on where job would be. but plaza area would a lot of fun. in fact, it's where i stayed when my hubs new employer sent me out here to convince me there was more than corn and cows! stayed at the intercontinental and ate at capital grille (10 yrs ago) - i was sold.

                2. re: Raconteur

                  We're in the process of making a similar move ... but this one is BACK to Kansas. Had a fabulous dinner at Yia Yia's Eurobistro on Sunday (119th and Roe). Better still ... it's half-price wine on Sundays and Mondays there.

                3. There's some good chinese here. ABC cafe (87th st, Ov Pk, excellent like 30 times for me), Jen Jen ( 91st & Metcalf, Ov Pk pretty good but not as friendly) ; Bo Ling has pretty good dim sum. I am a ks native so can't compare really to the east coast offerings, but I can tell good food usually. I think these will mostly make you happy. GREAT mexican, try El Pollo Rey 900 Central KCK; Birria Michoacano on 7800 10th st north of Central, KCK; El Camino Real ( 7th & Minnesota, KCK); lots and lots of other good servicable taco/basic mex places in KCK . Good foodie/fine dining, the Rieger in crossroads, Michael Smith/Extra Virgin usually pretty good in Crossroads; Austrian Grunauer in Crossroads; Several fun American places also in Westport MO; Blue Stem (fine dining) also in Westport; Good egyptian/ lebanese/ palestinian etc here and there, several very good fried fish takeouts (KCK, KCMO). Some good sushi/ japanese, I am no expert but I have been happy at Eddokko in Lenexa KS. There may not be a bazillion of each kind of ethnic place, but they have to do an ok at least job or out of biz. Kansas City Metro is pretty diverse and it's a good place to live and eat. Also the produce at farmers' markets is amazing.

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                  1. Native here. There are so many great places. My first job out of college was as a flight attendant. I have traveled but love what we have in KC.
                    Julian- awesome food and service. Celina is amazing. The best mussels and burger. Check out the wine and beer list.
                    The Farmhouse-just go
                    Gruenaur -great food and super cocktails
                    Anthony's- old school red sauce Nana's kitchen. great service.
                    Friends-best sushi in town
                    Pizza Bella- get the sprouts
                    City Market-Italian Asian fresh produce nice people. So fun!