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Aug 6, 2012 11:43 AM

where to eat in montreal with 10 year old foodies

looking for resto suggestions w/ 10 year kids who are into food but are still kids. staying in old montreal but able to go anywhere.

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  1. The sandwiches at Santropol, a smoked meat tour going from Schwartz's to the Main to Lester's. Amelio's pizzas, the Binerie Mont-Royal, La Flammee for the flammekeuche, the Noodle Factory, Qing Hua for dumplings and Wilensky's Light Lunch are all extremely kid friendly, not expensive and very delicious.

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    1. re: EaterBob

      Good list.

      I would also add Le Jardin de Panos (Greek, popular, very nice garden).

    2. if you are coming later in month this old style market is of interest to kids as have different activities, some food.

      You might get some picnic food for lunch or some croissants, buns for breakfast and enjoy the old montreal scene, bikes, quadricyles, pedalo boats, taxi boat that crosses river and back or even more fun amphibus, caleches. There is also muvbox near the locks and silos.

      The small china town is an interesting place for stroll on Sundays and lots of places there for shared meals

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        I was going to suggest dim sum at Ruby Rouge in Chinatown over the hill from Old Montreal - kid friendly.

      2. my younger relative loves deville dinerbar