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Aug 6, 2012 11:43 AM

Where to go in Chinatown?

The last several years we have just been going to Joe's for soup dumplaings. We are ready to expand our Chinese cuisine horizons.

What is a superior place in Chinatown for lunch or early dinner?

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  1. Are you looking for Shanghainese restaurants specifically?

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      1. re: jonfbrooklyn

        Try Amazing 66 for the peking duck, short ribs in pumpkin, and house special crispy chicken.

        We also like Congee Village though it's on Allen Street.

    1. So many to choose from but we like:
      Wo Hop (downstairs), not the best food but a classic NYC experience
      Great NY Noodletown, another NYC experience with authentic regional food
      Shanghai Cafe, simple and great

        1. If you're in the mood, Peking Duck house has, imo, the best Peking Duck around.
          Order the duck ala carte and fill in with a few other things (I like pickled cabbage) - most of the stir fried stuff is just ok.

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          1. re: mitchleeny

            I second the Peking Duck House reco. After traveling to Beijing and sampling Peking duck from the source, I can say that the Peking Duck House does it as well as anywhere else in the world.

            Jing Fong is fun for the massive banquet hall, dim sum experience. It's very unique. Photo attached.

            Also make sure to grab a few roast pork buns at Mei Li Wah Bakery.


            1. re: tastecation

              is mission chinese food in chinatown too ???

              1. re: tastecation

                Are both Peking Duck House locations equally good? I'm traveling up in a few weeks and looking to round out my experience with some exceptional Peking Duck. So far, before a show on Broadway (my first time doing that) we have reservations at Trattoria Trecolori, and then going to try Daniel the next night. I've just got to try one of these three star Miichilin places and get that chip off my back.

                1. re: picklelicious

                  I think the midtown branch on East 53rd is better. Stick to the duck and perhaps a vegetable side.

                  1. re: scoopG

                    Hopefully we'll get a chance, but it's just two of us, and they're website indicates they require 4 people for the Peking Duck lunch special, perhaps we'll just have to do some roast duck and dumplings somewhere instead...may still go there anyway.

              2. re: mitchleeny

                they also have awesome veggie dumplings - steamed - the pan fried meat dumplings are good too - other stuff isn't as great.

              3. Good recommendations above. Here are some options if you want to expand out of old school Cantonese and soup dumplings:

                Xi'an Famous Foods on Bayard for northwestern Chinese food...try the spicy lamb noodles and the lamb burger, though everything there is great.

                Hand pulled noodles and dumplings from Lam Zhou on East Broadway or any of the other hand pulled noodle places like Super Taste or Sheng Wang...this is really a northern Chinese specialty but interestingly most if not all of these places are run by Fujianese.

                Old Sichuan or Famous Sichuan for Sichuanese food...

                Lamb kebab cart guy under the Manhattan Bridge...