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Aug 6, 2012 11:13 AM

Rye bread in West Hartford, CT?

I'm looking for really good rye bread in West Hartford. Any recommendations are appreciated!

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  1. Crown Market offers up a pretty good rye bread. Not amazing but consistently good...

    1. Hartford Baking Company, on New Park, where the boat dealership used to be. Maybe 1/4 mile towards BJ's from Corner Pug, on the left. They only have the rye on Saturdays, but it's worth waiting for. The olive bread (Wednesdays, IIRC) is awesome too.

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        Yeah there is a serious shortage of good rye bread in the Hartford area. It is probably my only gripe about living in this area except maybe no good deli either. I did ask a new bakery in Glastonbury if they were going to do rye but they said no, they were doing signature breads. Too bad. Fortunately I am able to get rye when I go visit family in Fairfield. My dear elderly aunt makes it a point to get two loaves (one seeded, one not) so we get it often enough. Jay

        1. re: JayCT

          Where in Fairfield does your aunt get the rye bread? I work in Bridgeport, so it would be easy for me to pick it up. My parents moved from the DC area to here a few years back, and my father still laments the dearth of good rye here, so I'd love to get him some.

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            There's a new bakery in Glastonbury?

        2. Between Hartford and Fairfield, Brooklyn Bakery in Waterbury has great rye bread.
          Where's the bakery in Glastonbury?