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Aug 6, 2012 10:55 AM

Looking for winemakers dinner in Sonoma County

Hi all,

While looking for good places to eat in the area, I have come across several "wine dinners" located at wineries. We will be in Sonoma in October and would like to participate in one of these. Does anyone know the best way to identify when these events occur. Is the best way to simply visit a bunch of winery websites and look at their events page? Or should I try to look through blogs related to Sonoma?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. That's not a great time to find such events as it's the busiest time of year for winemakers.

    I've never found a site with a very comprehensive calendar of such events.

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      Second this. There are various release parties and events in the fall but meeting the winemakers is particularly difficult in October. Are you just looking for events or specifically a meeting/gathering with the winemaker?

      This website has good information about general open houses and events:

      That website lists a dinner being put on by Quivira in October:

    2. Here is a link to a series of winemakers dinners being held at the Inn of the Tides in Bodega Bay this fall:

      1. Here's local wine events for Sonoma County. But it's not comprehensive.

        1. St. Francis Winery has a working chef (David Bush) and their artisin winemaker, Heather Munden, is also a chef who hosts events there.

          Not a full dinner, but they consistently offer food-and-wine pairings:


          J Winery has often paired their tastings with food and their website shows a handful of events that might work:


          The Mayo Reserve Room also does a food-pairing and while it has been a while since I tried it, at the time, it was substantial enough as a lunch:

          1. Thank you all for the information. I should have realized that October would be a difficult time to do this. But I will check out the Quivira dinner and the food/wine pairings that Carrie suggested

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              October is about the worst time... Full harvest in swing and some of the wineries are hosting private harvest parties for wine club members or not having parties at all due to all the hard work.