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Aug 6, 2012 10:34 AM

Home cooking restaurants in Austin?

It seems this type of restaurant is getting very hard to find around here. There used to be Charlie's Steakhouse in Pflugerville, Grace's Home Cooking on N Lamar, Dot's Place, etc. Are there any similar restaurants still around? And I don't mean Threadgills (horrible the last time I tried it years ago).

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  1. I can't find anything better than Southern Hospitality on Middle Fiskville Rd. On any given lunch day you can find piping hot all you can eat best fried catfish and chicken in town and pair that with mashers and gravy, mac n cheese, a few veggies (not much seasoning on those), black eye'd peas, chicken and dumplings and a couple soups, and lemon pound cake. It's a great lunch. I've not been for dinner.

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      Thanks, I've never been to their new location so I will have to try it out soon. Not quite what I had in mind but it will do.

      1. re: shalom9

        I'd like to love the place but honestly it's just okay. No slam dunks that I've had.

      2. How about the Cafe 290 in Manor.

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        1. re: sighmesigh

          Good idea, I haven't ben there in years. But unfortunately it is just too far for lunch.

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            At the other end of town, there's 620 Cafe in Round Rock. That place is a good lunch option.

            1. re: Alan Sudo

              I've never been to that one. I think it is in the same location as a former 620 Cafe some 20-30 years ago. Still probably a 25 minute drive for me, but doable occasionally if it is really good.