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Aug 6, 2012 10:27 AM


A friend just told me he had out-of-town family this weekend and he was dragged to Acme and K-Paul...said Acme was to have had better fried food at Cap'n D's. K-Paul gave him a flounder that he said had its flavor obliterated by some sauce that he deemed "mexican." Hell if I know what the name of the dish was. He also said they wanted $30 for drum.

On the good side, they liked Lucy's Retired Surfer Bar and Gauttreau's was excellent if pricey.

I threw in the towel on Acme some time back but I was sorry to hear this news.

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  1. The sauce on the flounder was probably chipotle sauce. I do not like chipotle sauce either. I was disapointed it was on the drum I had back in 2009 which was the last time I was in New Orleans. K-Paul's is one of my favorite New Orleans restaurants. Next time tell him to get fish blackend which was basically created at K-Paul's.

    Bigray in Ok

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      I doubt he will go back. His enthusiasm, like mine, for blackened fish is not great. Paul Prudhomme single-handledly drove the price of redfish from $0.90/lb to $10.00/lb with that trick. Grilled redfish is better and poached is sublime. I remember when he was doing that blackened stuff at Commander's and saw it as a gimmick even then.

    2. I'm sorry but K-Paul's seemed touristy to us the one time we went there. Did not enjoy it. Mr. B's is much better.

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        It's doubtful you'll find many locals in Mr. B's.

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          unless we're there for bbq shrimp or a prix fixe menu. we enjoy their offerings.

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            When we dined there, it was the first night of Tales of the Cocktail, and there were both locals and tourist. If the locals are not eating there they are screwing up. I have had New Orleans BBQ shrimp at a few places including Pascals Manale. And Mr. B's is the BESTEST!!! Yes, I know I said that.

            1. re: ilikeNOLA

              I don't order bbq shrimp in restaurants. We have terrific gulf shrimp year round. It is incredibly fast and easy to make at home. Mr. B's is easily duplicated should one be so inclined. The recipe is on their website. It's all about the flavorful shrimp.Take some home and give it a try.

              1. re: JazzyB

                not everyone cooks, for one reason or another. thus its popularity for bbq shrimp w/ locals, i think.

                1. re: kibbles

                  Point taken. However, for those visitors that do cook, taking a cooler of shrimp (they freeze well) would enable them to have a bbq shrimp "whenever ' rather than only in nola.

                  An FYI for visitors: Rouses in the CBD is a full service supermarket carrying shrimp and most local food items. They should have coolers as well.